“Poof …. Declassified” Andy Roddick hilariously mocks Donald Trump for his ‘stupid’ and ‘undemocratic’ statement related to declassifying documents

Tennis icon Andy Roddick has reacted to former US President Donald Trump's statement about declassifying documents.

Andy Roddick and Donald Trump
Andy Roddick and Donald Trump

Former US Open champion Andy Roddick recently took to social media to indirectly mock the 45th US President Donald Trump. Roddick is pretty active on social media, especially Twitter, and often voices his opinion on various issues but also refrains from commenting on political issues. But whenever he does, he does it in a very subtle and mocking manner.

Trump recently spoke to Fox News and made a very weird and irrational statement regarding the classified documents, which is currently very trending and a hot topic of discussion in the US. Trump said that the President of the US should have the right to declassify documents just by speaking about it. To make matter worse, he abruptly went on to say that the US President should be able to declare something declassified just by ‘thinking’ about it- which is totally stupid.

“There’s different people saying different things. If you are the President of the United States, you can declassify just by saying it’s declassified- even by thinking about it,” Trump said on Fox News.

This statement made by Trump doesn’t make any sense and is totally undemocratic. It goes against the US constitution and thrashes the whole point of democracy.

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Andy Roddick takes a jibe at Donald Trump

Andy Roddick
Andy Roddick

Trump’s statement is against the principle of Democracy because he thinks that the President should have the direct power to deem something of public interest. The classified documents are a matter of public interest and hence the decision around them shouldn’t be made by one single person.

Many people on social media have called out Trump for his remarks including former tennis players- Andy Roddick and Martina Navratilova. Roddick hilariously mocked Trump’s statement of declassifying documents by just ‘thinking’ about it. “If I just think about it real hard …… poof ……. Declassified” Roddick wrote on Twitter.

Roddick went a step further by mocking Trump again over his Wimbledon claim by just thinking about it. “Poof…… I won Wimbledon ….. this is awesome,” he wrote.

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