“Changing coaches like socks,” After stints with Venus and Serena Williams, Andy Roddick, and Maria Sharapova, Rick Macci talks about Holger Rune’s recent coaching confusions

Holger Rune has been struggling to find the right coach for himself.

“Changing coaches like socks,” After stints with Venus and Serena Williams, Andy Roddick, and Maria Sharapova, Rick Macci talks about Holger Rune’s recent coaching confusions

Rick Macci, Holger Rune (Images via Getty, Imago)

Veteran tennis coach Rick Macci has addressed the talks around Holger Rune‘s constant changing and chopping with his coaching team.

As the Danish tennis ace recently lost his coaching team with Boris Becker stepping down as his Head Coach, Rune’s decisions have once again come under scrutiny. Meanwhile, Macci addressed the issue on social media.


The veteran American coach who has worked with the likes of Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Andy Roddick, and Maria Sharapova said Rune was changing his coaching team like he was changing socks. However, Macci admitted that every situation is different and complex.

He also shared an indirect suggestion for Rune. Macci highlighted the need for some introspection and said that the bathroom mirror is the best coach for anyone, anywhere, and at any time.

Was just asked on a podcast about @holgerrune2003 and changing Coaches like his Socks. Every situation is very different and complex. But the end of the day the best coach of Any Player Any Time Anywhere is the Bathroom Mirror.
Rick Macci posted on X.

Holger Rune’s struggle with finding the right coach

Holger Rune is struggling big time to find the right coach for himself. After working with Lars Christensen for years, Holger Rune decided to work with Boris Becker.

Boris Becker and Holger Rune (Images via Imago)

The duo signed a deal in October 2023 and things seemed to be going smoothly until Rune crashed out of the 2024 Australian Open after a defeat in the second round.

Days after the defeat, Becker took to social media to announce that he would not be continuing as Rune’s coach “due to personal and professional responsibilities“. On top of that, Rune’s mother, Aneke Rune also confirmed the departure of Severin Luthi who was hired just a couple of months ago. This means that Rune is without a coach.

The Dane addressed this concern as he admitted to struggling with finding the right match for himself. Rune said that he was looking for someone with the same vision as him.

As you know, I have tried different coaching constellations during the last 12 months. After working with the same coach for 15 years — my entire tennis life — it is not easy to find the perfect match on the first try. I have learned a lot and found out what is important for me to feel good and at the same time develop as I want. 
Holger Rune said.

The 20-year-old is still hunting for the right person to work with. Rune has been affected by this constant changing and chopping and that is what experts are raising concerns about.

I have big ambitions and big goals, and I need people around me who have the same vision. And people I can trust to achieve my goals. I need people who know me – who can be there all the time. It gives me security and joy in a world with changing environments and conditions every week.
Rune further stated.

It is to be seen how long it takes for Rune to sort out the problems.

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