“Hurts so much!” – Roger Federer changing his bio to ‘no longer a professional tennis player’ has the tennis world emotional

Fans gutted as Federer changes his twitter bio

“Hurts so much!” – Roger Federer changing his bio to ‘no longer a professional tennis player’ has the tennis world emotional

Roger Federer (Image via: ATP)

Roger Federer simply means tennis. The Swiss maestro, over the span of his illustrious career, has made millions fall in love with him. The display of skill was unmatched. Players from other sports love to interact with him whenever possible.

That’s the aura that surrounds Federer. Records will be broken. Players will come and go. Many may surpass the legend in terms of statistics. However, not many would get the kind of admiration the Swiss have. Those rivalries with Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic will also be one for the ages.

Over the 24-year career of the Swiss maestro, he made sure that he brought a smile to every fan’s face. However, to the disappointment of his fans, the Swiss have hurt them big time. A small activity on his Twitter account, and fans are not able to accept it. There is a bit of change when it comes to the bio. Roger Federer now describes himself as “no longer a professional tennis player.” 

His fans and tennis fans, in general, don’t want to accept that. They have always seen Federer as their idol and can’t come to terms with him not calling himself a tennis player. Many have cried, and many have Federer memories running through their heads. All they would hope for now is that Federer comes and plays in the senior category or even some charity matches. Roger Federer on the tennis court was a different spectacle altogether.

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Twitter gutted after Federer changes his bio

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Roger Federer (Image via MARCA)

As expected, Federer fans were quick to react to the change. None of them appreciate it and their responses suggest just that. They are complaining and want the legend to change it.

Sharing a wide spectrum of reactions online, here’s what fans have to:

Federer has had a dream career. He changed the way tennis was played. A lot more finesse and elegance were brought in. A baffling amount of consistency complemented that. His aura is not limited to the player in him. A lot has to do with the kind of person he is off the court. A generational performer who gave us unforgettable moments.

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