Roger Federer discloses his kids are picking up their tennis skills from mother Mirka answering their forehand preference

Roger Federer is father to four kids, all of whom are interested in the game of tennis

Roger Federer discloses his kids are picking up their tennis skills from mother Mirka answering their forehand preference

Mirka Federer and Federer's 4 kids (Images via: WWOS - Nine, Just Jared)

Tennis icon Roger Federer retired last year after playing the last match of his career alongside Rafael Nadal at the 2022 Laver Cup. In an interview, the Swiss revealed that he had started making time to coach his four kids after he noticed all of them had taken an interest in tennis. Recently, Federer disclosed more about his kids and their tennis skills.

Federer’s legacy could have a return through his kids in the future. He stated that he takes time from his schedule to share his knowledge of the sport with his kids. He had mentioned earlier that while his twin girls, 14-year-olds Myla and Charlene, attended John McEnroe‘s tennis academy in East Hampton over the summers, his boys went to Rafael Nadal’s academy in Mallorca for a few days. The Federer family aims to expand their knowledge of the sport, learning from the best.


Federer made a special appearance yesterday at the ongoing 2023 edition of the Laver Cup in Vancouver. Jim Courier interviewed him as the day marked the anniversary of the former player’s last competitive match last year. The 20-time Grand Slam winner was also asked whether his kids use one-handed or two-handed backhands. “All four use two handers, of course,” the Swiss replied.

It is worth noting that former tennis player Mirka Federer, Roger Federer’s wife, is skilled at two-handed backhands and often shows off her skills on the court. Roger, however, prefers the one-handed backhands over his wife’s choice. The fact that the tennis star’s kids prefer the two-handed backhand gives us a hint that Federer’s kids are not only receiving tennis lessons from their father. They are picking up skills from their mother as well.

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Roger Federer receives a warm welcome at the Laver Cup

Federer returned to the Laver Cup again after stepping off the tennis court last year. He played his match last year when he represented Team Europe alongside Rafael Nadal. Although the Swiss lost the doubles match, he played alongside his longtime rival one last time before retiring.

Roger Federer
Roger Federer (via Laver Cup)

On the 22nd of September this year, the Swiss stepped on the court for a coin toss to kickstart the match between Team World and Team Europe. While the doubles match was being played, Federer’s face popped up on the big screens at the stadium. What followed were people applauding for the Swiss as he smiled through the cheers. A sports legend will always have an everlasting impact on the fans’ minds.

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