Simona Halep back on court amidst mentally taxing doping ban trials

Simona Halep's photo on the court smashing serves is winning hearts across the Internet.

Simona Halep back on court amidst mentally taxing doping ban trials

Simona Halep (image via: Instagram)

Simona Halep is still serving a doping ban. The Romanian player was banned in September last year from taking part in the professional circuit. However, after an appeal, she was given another chance to defend herself again in court. Notably, her trial started 10 days ago. 

Amidst this mentally draining incident, affecting her career and mental health, the player is again in the spotlight. However, this time not for the doping case but rather just a glimpse of her enjoying the sport she loves.

On Monday, the 32-year-old posted a picture on her Instagram handle. In which the player was seen serving some smashes under the nice sunlight.

Though she didn’t write anything for the caption, she added an emoji to go with the photo. Even though Halep is banned from taking part in the professional tennis circuit, she always tries to remain involved with the sport. 

Halep recently sued a Canadian supplement company during the trial, and the amount is said to be around $10 million. The former World No. 1 took Schinoussa supplements from Quantum Nutrition during the US Open 2022. 

After this, the player was found positive for Roxadustat. Simona Halep stated that the product label had no information regarding Roxadustat, owing to which she took legal action against the company for its negligence. 

Simona Halep and doping: A case of complexity

The Romanian player, even after facing two charges from the International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA), has pleaded innocence. For this, the two-time Grand Slam title winner has approached the CAS, the sport’s highest court.

After the ongoing trial of Simona Halep which started 10 days ago, the Romanian shares a cheerful photo of her smashing serves on the court.
Simona Halep (image via: BBC)

The trial will be done over three days and will be behind closed doors.

No indication can be given as to when the final arbitral award will be notified to the parties.
The court had stated further

This case has received immense attention in the media as well as on the internet and social media platforms. Interestingly enough, it has turned out to be the highest-profile doping case in the sport since Maria Sharapova’s in 2016. 

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