Taylor Fritz supports the potential of a separate Tour of big events to avoid players winning ‘tons of points’ on 250 and 500 level

Taylor Fritz talks highly of creating a premium tour for elite players, this talk is still under consideration and is yet to be decided upon.

Taylor Fritz supports the potential of a separate Tour of big events to avoid players winning ‘tons of points’ on 250 and 500 level

Taylor Fritz ( Credits: Lob and Smash)

American tennis player, Taylor Fritz has expressed his support towards the formation and setting up of a separate tour for the big events to prevent players from winning a large number of points in the ATP and WTA 250 and 500 events.


The chief of the Australian Open, Craig Tiley first discussed this idea of setting up a premium tour and called for the ATP and the WTA to collaborate for the same. As the World No.10 supported this claim, he was quoted as saying in the Sydney Herald:

It’s a really good idea, and I think that we should have separate tours. If you’re on the main, top tour, you should be set to play all the big events, and they should all be slightly bigger-draw events to get basically everybody in the top 100 in, and I think that’s honestly all we should play.

While the Australian Open chief opened up to the possibility of creating a premium tour, he also called the current set-up unhealthy and one where tennis fans and followers are not able to distinguish between the important and essential tournaments. The American tennis player came in support of this decision as he called for such an event where there will be a separate event consisting of Grand Slams, Masters 1000 and ATP Finals for all the elite players on tour.

The 2023 US Open quarter-finalist seems in favour of changing the current system of tournaments to make it more player and people-friendly. The American tennis player has stated his own ideas and strategies as to how this new system will go about functioning.


Taylor Fritz feels creating a separate tour is a good idea

The World No.10 has expressed his support in the ongoing rumours of the creation of a separate or premium tour to tackle the persistent issue of scheduling events.

Taylor Fritz
Taylor Fritz ( Credits: Showbiz Cheat Sheet)

Talking about a way to overcome this and to prevent players from winning a massive number of points in the 250 and 500 series, the American stated:

You can have 14 marquee events, and it makes tennis easy to follow for fans because all you have to pay attention to is those tournaments. There’s no people getting tons of points in between events, at like 250s and 500s, and more than anything, there’s no crazy schedule for us players.

While the rumour is not yet confirmed as it is still in the talks, it will definitely raise a lot of criticism and praise from players and fans. Any kind of change has to suffer some consequence and it will be interesting to see the conclusion drawn from these talks.

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