“Nole is genetically a phenomenon,” Top tennis coach reveals why Novak Djokovic is the modern GOAT

Novak Djokovic, at the age of 36, had one of the best calendar years a Tennis professional could have.

“Nole is genetically a phenomenon,” Top tennis coach reveals why Novak Djokovic is the modern GOAT

Novak Djokovic in action during a match. (credits: Tennis365)

World No. 1 Novak Djokovic has been winning the hearts of several tennis fanatics and followers all over the world for the last two decades. Through his scintillating playing style, he has drawn people into truly envying him, and one of the star coaches of the sport, Marco Panichi shared his view on the Serbian. The Spaniard gave an interview about Djokovic while he was present at the Oltrepo Tennis Academy in Codevilla.


Panichi held Djokovic responsible for bringing new things to the sport and always introducing modern ways to improve the game. He also talked about his ability of the Serbian thereby revealing that he has been a true fan for this reason. According to Panichi, it is the mentality of Djokovic that places him head and shoulders above other players.

He said:

There is more than one reason, but any consideration must start from the fact that Nole is genetically a phenomenon. One capable of doing everything with simplicity and consistency, but also capable of doing things that others are prevented from doing. 
Marco Panichi at the Oltrepo Tennis Academy

He also believes that Nole’s hunger for more success is pushing him in the correct direction and praised his capability of keeping things simple and working on being consistent.


He added:

It can't always be copied. He knows how far he can push himself and therefore has the experience to understand what his body is telling him. We support him by giving him the weapons to further develop these innate abilities. Nole is a demanding champion, he wants a lot from himself and consequently those around him must adapt to these ambitions.

How much did Novak Djokovic’s hunger help him prosper this season?

Novak Djokovic has been quite different in the last few years and it’s no secret that the man is hungry for more. The more and more records he is breaking, the more greedy he is turning into which has been marked as a good trait to carry forward by many pundits.

Novak Djokovic in action during a match. (credits: Tennis World USA)

He had made it very clear about the personal landmarks he would be going at this year at the very start of the season and that has gifted him with a fruitful year.

He had made it to the finals of all the Grand Slam competitions at the age of 36 where very few would have expected him to be at the place he is right now. This makes him different from the lot because he is never resting and despite having shattered and accomplished all records he could have achieved, he still keeps on searching for new landmarks to reach in the history books.


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