“That thing she had, I wanted it,” Venus Williams openly admits to craving sister Serena Williams’ grit to edge past the “finish line”

Venus Williams admitted to wishing for a skill that her sister had.

“That thing she had, I wanted it,” Venus Williams openly admits to craving sister Serena Williams’ grit to edge past the “finish line”

Venus Williams in conversation with Vanessa Beasley (via sanantonioreport)

The iconic William sisters have always been revolutionizing figures in tennis. From bossing tennis to supporting women outside, the sisters soon became some of the most feared players on tour. However, as much as they competed greatly, Venus Williams admitted to craving an iconic character of her sister’s. 

During a conversation with Trinity University’s president Vanessa Beasley, the 7-time Grand Slam champion shared a few important insights that got her the audience’s attention. She admitted to doing many things wrong before becoming a champion player and even learned from her sister Serena Williams to try and develop the same skills. Admiring her sister’s fearless approach towards the game, Venus wished to have the same as it was vital for her to pass the finish line. Despite her confidence in her talent, she wanted her sister’s attitude as the finishing touches of a champion player. 


Here is what Venus had to say about her sister Serena:

She was such a fearless player on the court and I always admired that. I was very talented … but didn’t quite have the thing in me to get past the finish line. And I knew it at a young age, … that thing she had, I wanted it.
Venus Williams said

While stating that failing is a key to growth, Venus inspired many people out there who enthusiastically clapped her on. Interacting with other children, Venus put her points across in meaningful conversations that widened the knowledge of the young minds. 

Venus Williams gets back on the tennis court, gearing for a comeback at Indian Wells

43-year-old Venus Williams is not even close to retirement as she looks to make a return at another tournament. After not playing at the Australian Open, she aims for the Indian Wells to make her return.

Venus and Serena Williams
Venus and Serena Williams (via Olympics.com)

Due to an injury sustained at Wimbledon, Venus Williams was sidelined up until the US Open, where she lost early, concluding her season. With no proper date of return, she has revealed to participate in the Indian Wells and Miami Open. She also shared that her sister had been a great motivator

Venus and Serena together have changed the history of tennis for women, but on the court, they saw each other as rivals. Having faced multiple times, it was always the young Williams who stood victorious. Out of 31 matches, Serena had 19 wins to her name, but that was not the case in the practice matches as Venus would beat her sister most of the times. Serena’s former coach Rick Macci confirmed this in a tweet. The mentality and pressure before a game ate up Venus, who still wishes to have that skill of her sister’s.

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