WATCH: Coco Gauff left embarrassed by Jessica Pegula and the crowd as she prematurely celebrates their doubles win at the US Open

Coco Gauff embarrassed after rejoicing early.

WATCH: Coco Gauff left embarrassed by Jessica Pegula and the crowd as she prematurely celebrates their doubles win at the US Open

Coco Gauff and Jessica Pegula (Credits: The Independent)

The 2023 US Open, the 4th prestigious Grand Slam, has attracted many fans and talented players over the years. The singles tournament has been a huge hit, but the doubles tournament isn’t that far behind. Many fans love their favorite players to team up and play in the tournament. In one doubles match, the two Americans and seeds of the tournament, Coco Gauff and Jessica Pegula, have been one of the stronger teams of the tournament. The bold youngster, Coco, fell into a moment of embarrassment during her first doubles match. This left the crowd chuckling in the middle of the match.


In the first round of the US Open, the American duo thrashed the duo of Elizabeth Mandlik and Quinn Gleason to move on to the next round. In an intense match, Coco Gauff relieved the situation by celebrating prematurely. After hitting a winner in the second game, she thought that they had won and went in to hug her teammate. Her partner was also surprised by the premature celebration and looked as shocked as the audience when they realized what had happened. The crowd erupted with laughter as they realized what had just happened and left the youngster red-faced.

Gauff quickly realized her mistake and smiled sheepishly, but her partner and the audience enjoyed a brief moment of laughter that lightened the tense mood. These embarrassing moments happen very often but the maturity lies in how the players handle it and react after the moment.

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Humiliated Coco Gauff laughs off her embarrassing moment during the match

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Coco Gauff, Image via( Instagram @USOpen)

Young American Coco Gauff just made a laugh of herself as she celebrated early. Her teammate Jessica was equally shocked when Coco was celebrating early. She immediately realized her embarrassing moment when her partner reminded her and then put her hands on her head. The crowd was very supportive of this and erupted with laughter, looking at Gauff and cheering the duo on to victory.

This incident is a reminder to all athletes that it is very easy to embarrass themselves in front of millions of people. However, in this case, Gauff had quickly shrugged off her gaffe, focusing on the game. She may have left the moment here, but the embarrassing incident is all over the world and will keep on reminding her about this moment.

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