WATCH: “F***ing unprofessional” Corentin Moutet and Adrian Andreev indulge in an ‘ugly’ on-court fight after their match at Orleans Challenger

In the Orleans Challenger, Corentin Moutet and Adrian Andreev engage in a 'terrible' fight after their second-round match.

Corentin Moutet and Adrian Andreev

In one of the ugliest on-court moments of the year, top seed Corentin Moutet and Adrian Andreev got into a physical brawl after their Round of 16 match at the Orleans Challenger. Tensions were very high throughout the match as Andreev stunned Moutet in three tight sets 2-6,7-6,7-6 and they started a fight exchanging some words at the net for the customary handshake.

It can be seen that Andreev greeted Moutet with a stronger handshake than it is necessary and the Frenchman, who was humiliated in front of his home crowd, did not like it at all. He responded with a strong shoulder push and things quickly escalated from there. The two didn’t stop and gave each other a hard time verbally and also started engaging in a full-fledged physical assault.

The umpire had to come between the two to stop the fight. Moutet was furious at the way Andreev was provoking him as he hurled some words toward him. The Frenchman was even ready to escalate things if the umpire wouldn’t have stopped the two.

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Corentin Moutet reveals the reason for the fight

Corentin Moutet
Corentin Moutet

The ATP is yet to comment on any of this issue but it is a given that both the players will be punished for unsportsmanlike conduct. While it is a no-brainer that they will be fined, many fans also want them to be banned as there should be no room for violence in the sport.

Moutet took to social media to share the details of the fight. He said that Andreev instigated the fight after he said “f*** you” to him on his face. He also shared that he was upset with the French crowd for applauding “that kind of player” in the end.

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