WATCH: ‘Shut the f**k up’ Denis Shapovalov shouts ferociously at the Italian crowd

Denis Shapovalov faced a point penalty and lost his cool as the crowd continued shouting in the Italian Open.

Denis Shapovalov
Denis Shapovalov

Denis Shapovalov, the former world number 10 and a very talented Canadian tennis player was up against the Italian Lorenzo Sonego in the opening round of the Italian Open. Sonego, the world number 27 and the home crowd favorite, was feeding off the energy the fans exuded at the stadium and gave Shapovalov a good run for his money.

Shapovalov won the match after a grueling battle that lasted three sets, and the first set was a marathon of 91 minutes. He won 7-6(5), 3-6, 6-3 to head into the second round. The game was spectacular as Lorenzo put a fierce resistance against Denis. The more vivid part of the match was that Shapovalov did not expect such a vicious fight, and he lost it for an instant.

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Denis Shapovalov gets a tennis code violation.

Denis Shapovalov and Lorenzo Sonego
Denis Shapovalov and Lorenzo Sonego

Denis Shapovalov got into a weird situation as he crossed the net to explain to the umpire about whether the service was short and this crossing of the net led to Shapovalov getting the point penalty and a code violation. He was trying to get it all cleared up but was handed a point penalty. He also tried talking to the supervisor about the incident, but the penalty stayed since Shapovalov had crossed the net, and the crowd started booing a distressed Denis. This little incident and the crowd reaction caused a complete meltdown in Shapovalov as he screamed at the crowd. He was so enraged that he shouted at the crowd to “Shut the f**k up”.

Shapovalov should have got some solace in the fact that he managed to beat Lorenzo despite all of that drama. He will move forward to the second round in Rome.

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