WATCH: When Roger Federer was hit on by airport staff in Lindor Truffles advertisement 

Tennis icon Roger Federer is known for his many brand deals.

WATCH: When Roger Federer was hit on by airport staff in Lindor Truffles advertisement 

Roger Federer (via Lindt)

In the age of social media and the internet, even the oldest video can blow up randomly. Recently, Roger Federer’s ancient advertisement video resurfaced on the internet, and fans again showed the video with love.

The video was an advertisement for Lindt chocolates featuring Federer at airport security. In the commercial, the two women at the airport were hitting on the Swiss player who was looking for his bag of Lindor chocolates, which is one of the most famous chocolates in Switzerland. 


This was a 9-year-old advertisement, and still, the actor in this video remembers this and also comments on this video. 

Hey, that’s me! I had the best time shooting this commercial. Over 10 years ago! Roger is the truly one of the nicest people.
The actor said who flirted with Federer in the TV commercial. 

The Swiss tennis player joined hands with the iconic chocolate brand back in 2009 and has ever since been there with the chocolate company. Ever since the former world champion has always been a huge part of Lindt.

He has played many matches under the company’s name and also attended many events and openings of this iconic chocolate company.


Roger Federer and his long-term tie-ups with major brands

Roger Federer, one of the big names in tennis, has been an inspiration on the court, and even off the court, he has been a huge plus for the companies he collaborated with. Other than Lindor, he has tied up with other major brands like Rolex and Louis Vuitton.

Since 2001, Federer has been an iconic member of Team Rolex and has since been associated with whenever anyone talks about the watch company.

Roger Federer
Roger Federer (Via Fratello Watches)

The Swiss legend has ever since represented his watch company in every match. Fans could notice the different Rolex watches the Swiss wore during his matches. He even signed long-term deals with Mercedes-Benz and other brands.


The former World No. 1 is one of the richest athletes due to the number of endorsements he is attached to. With all the brand deals with him, Federer has learned a lot from this other than tennis.

His career is mainly known for both his tennis records and his collaborations with various brands. Fans will be eager to see more content from Federer with various brands.

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