Novak Djokovic attended an event after TESTING POSITIVE, calls it to be a ‘Long-Standing Commitment’

Novak Djokovic admits attending an interview after testing positive for Covid-19.

Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic has admitted that he did attend an event while knowing that he was Positive for Coivd -19. In his statement, Djokovic describes the timeline of the events that transpired between 14-18 December 2022.

The world No.1 while trying to clarify the misinformation about his covid test, admitted that he attended an event while in full awareness of testing positive the day before. He added the interview and photo shoot was a ‘long-standing commitment’.

However, the Serb admitted that this was an error of judgment on his part, and he should have rescheduled this commitment to some other time,

Novak Djokovic sheds light on the events in his statement!

Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic even after winning the case and getting his VISA reinstated, was getting a lot of scrutinies all over social media. According to the reports, the world No.1 had forged his travel documents while coming to Australia.

Djokovic was seen attending events even after testing positive. Djokovic in his statement clarified the misinformation that has been going around.

In his statement, he wrote about the timeline of the events that took place between 14-18 of December 2021. According to world No.1, he attended a basketball event on the 14th of December and after the event, it was reported that a number of people who attended the event tested positive for covid-19.

Despite having no symptoms for Covid, the world No.1 took a rapid antigen test on the 16th of December which came out to be negative. Out of ‘abundance of caution he decided on getting an approved PCR test on the same day.

He wrote, “I attended a basketball game in Belgrade on 14 December after which it was reported that a number of people tested positive with COVID 19. Despite having no COVID symptoms, I took a rapid antigen test on 16 December which was negative, and out of an abundance of caution, also took an official and approved PCR test on that same day.”

However, the world No.1 attended a Tennis event in Belgrade to present awards to children after taking another rapid antigen which also came out negative.

Being asymptomatic and not having received the positive PCR test report until that event Djokovic attended those events.

However, the next day he attended another important L’Equipe interview after testing positive, the interview was a ‘long-standing commitment’ and he felt obliged to go ahead with the interview so as to not disappoint the Journalist.

He wrote, “I was asymptomatic and felt good, and I had not received the notification of a positive PCR test result until after that event. The next day, on 18 December I was at my tennis center in Belgrade to fulfill a long-standing commitment for a L’Equipe interview and photoshoot. I canceled all other events except for the L’Equipe interview.”

However, world No.1 did say that the decision to attend those events was wrong and he considered it to be an error of judgment on his part. He believes that he should’ve rescheduled those events instead of attending them.

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