“Ready to die or kill” Former Ukrainian Tennis Pro Alexandr Dolgopolov declares ‘Russia will never win’

Having enlisted in the Ukrainian army in their battle against the Russian invasion, Alexandr Dolgopolov explains what is the biggest strength of the Ukrainians.

Alexandr Dolgopolov and Vladimir Putin
Alexandr Dolgopolov and Vladimir Putin

Former World No. 13 on the ATP Tour, Alexandr Dolgopolov is one of the many Ukrainian civilians to pick up arms in defence of their country against Russia’s invasion attempt in their country that has started a war since the 24th February 2022. With almost a month since the war has begun, many innocent civilians have died due to the Russian attacks that have seen missiles and bombs being dropped in civilian areas.

Dolgopolov also enlisted to pick up arms as a volunteer and has joined the Ukrainian army in its fight against the Russians. The player has been quite active on social media as well to bring awareness about the atrocities the Russian army is committing in Ukraine and to bring more and more attention to the situation that has torn Ukraine.

“It is my home. I was born here and I have seen the country united, I have seen many sportspeople and singers staying here and helping out so why shouldn’t I be. I am a man, I think I can help, I can send a message, I can gather money, I can bring everything to our army what I can and I can be useful as well so I don’t think, all the people should leave because then the city is empty and the army needs to see the people behind them. Well, it’s war, what can I say.

“You have to be ready to die and kill so I had to take that decision sitting in Turkey, for sure I had some doubts but am I worse than any person who is staying here? There are many people famous people staying here many normal people staying here, old people, children, I mean for sure they would need help and I think if everyone thinks that I can help from outside of the country then that’s a problem. I am here and I am going to help with what I can. If I need to fight, I will fight,” said Alexandr in his recent interview with CNN.

“How do fight such motivated people” Alexandr Dolgopolov proud of the united Ukrainians

Alexandr Dolgopolov
Alexandr Dolgopolov

Alexandr also spoke about the spirit of the Ukrainians and the grit they have in fighting for their nation showing great unity. The former player believes that it is the spirit that will help them win the war against Russia and despite bombings and shelling, the Russians cant hurt the spirit.

“I never thought it would go this deep but now it is gone to another level and since the 2nd day of this war they really started targeting the civilians so it became the business of every Ukrainian, you can’t just watch how they shoot your people. Once it is not a fight against the armies, it becomes a fight against a whole nation. That’s what Russia doesn’t understand.

“They can never win because if I need to call my connections to get into the territory of defence, then you must understand that all men are ready to take a weapon and fight and how do you fight such motivated people. They can bomb us, that’s the problem, they bomb and bomb and civilians die. They took one big city because they are not really motivated, they are on our land and they are saying that we don’t understand what are we fighting for and we do understand what are we fighting for,” concluded the Ukrainian.

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