Sorana Cirstea Net Worth in 2024: How rich is the Romanian tennis star? 

Know all about Romanian tennis star Sorana Cirstea's impressive net worth, contracts, prize money, endorsements and more.

Sorana Cirstea Net Worth in 2024: How rich is the Romanian tennis star? 

Sorana Cirstea (via Imago)

Romanian tennis sensation Sorana Cirstea has had a long and stellar professional career. Since turning pro in 2006, Cirstea has made her way into the world of tennis. Even at 33, the Romanian star is going strong in her career. But exactly how much fortune has Sorana Cirstea made to date, and what is her net worth in 2023?

Born April 7, 1990, Sorana Cîrstea grew up in Bucharest, Romania. She took to sports in her early childhood and started playing tennis at only four years of age. Cirstea would have a stellar youth career and eventually turn pro in 2006.

After playing for almost two decades, Sorana Cirstea remains a beloved name in the tennis world. So exactly how much wealth has the Romanian star made in her career to date? Here’s what you need to know about Sorana Cirstea’s net worth in 2023.

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Sorana Cirstea’s Net Worth 

Romanian professional tennis player Sorana Cirstea has an estimated net worth of about $7 million in 2024. Criste has had a successful career with notable achievements. Her income streams include prize money from tournaments, which typically form a significant portion of a tennis player’s earnings. 

Sorana Cirstea
Sorana Cirstea (via Imago)

Besides, Cirstea’s endorsement deals with brands like New Balance and her choice of racquet sponsorships have also contributed to her overall net worth. Endorsements are a substantial source of income for professional athletes, and so is the case with Sorana’s partnerships with recognized brands.

Contracts and Salary 

Sorana Cirstea has made a significant fortune for herself from her tennis career. The lucrative sum of prize money amassed in her prolonged career is truly impressive.

Sorana Cirstea
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The Romanian star has earned over $8,935,462 in prize money alone from her career. Besides her career earnings, Sorana has also partnered with various renowned outlets that add to her overall fortunes.


Sorana Cîrstea’s endorsement journey has been marked by notable transitions and partnerships. From 2006 to 2016, Adidas sponsored Cîrstea, providing her sportswear. In 2016, she switched gears and aligned herself with New Balance instead. 

Sorana Cirstea
(via Imago)

Cîrstea’s choice of racquets has also evolved throughout her journey. Up until 2014, she endorsed Wilson racquets, specifically the Wilson Blade line. In 2016, she transitioned to Babolat, using the Pure Aero model in 2016 and the Pure Strike model in 2015. In 2019, Sorana made the switch to the Yonex EZONE 100 racquet.


Q. How old is Sorana Cirstea?

Sorana Cirstea is 33 years old.

Q. Is Sorana Cirstea Romanian?

Sorana Cirstea is a Romanian professional tennis player.

Q. How tall is Sorana Cirstea?

Sorana Cirstea is 5 feet and 9 inches tall.

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