Tennis star Andy Roddick comes forward with the ‘Real Oscar’moment at the 2022 Academy Awards that got overshadowed by the Will Smith incident

Andy Roddick heaps praise for the Oscar-winning actor Troy Kotsur and the host for the evening the South Korean actress Youn Yuh-Jung.

Andy Roddick and the oscar winner

Will Smith and Chris Rock have created an infamous scene during the Oscars 2022. It all happened when Rock made a joke about Will Smith’s wife who is suffering from Alopecia which causes hair loss. Will then went on to the stage and slapped Chris Rock which at first was thought to be scripted but it was not. This incident has been the talk of the town since then whenever the Oscars are mentioned.

In stark contrast to that, tennis great Andy Roddick sent a tweet on March 29 praising Oscar winner Troy Kotsur and the thoughtful gesture from the South Korean Actress Youn Yuh-Jung who held the trophy in her hand while he signed his acceptance speech and stayed in the frame the whole time.

For those of you not aware, Troy Kotsur was a deaf actor who has recently won the oscar 2022 for his performance in CODA. What is being the talk of the town is the emotional interaction between the two Oscar winners on stage.

Andy Roddick shed light on the True MVP at the Oscars

Andy Roddick
Andy Roddick

Youn Yuh-Jung was the oscar winner in 2021 for her role in Minari. However, in this year’s Oscars, she has come to be known for a completely different reason. Before announcing the winner of the award vocally, she announced it through sign language for Kotsur’s benefit and stood on stage holding the award the whole time during the actor’s acceptance speech.

Andy Roddick, the tennis star retweeted a tweet by Benedict(a) and captioned it as, “This is the Oscars moment.”This tweet is in reference to the infamous Will Smith and Chris Rock controversy when the actual spotlight and praise deserves to be showered on Troy Kotsur the second ever Oscar winner and his moving speech and the people around him who were to be praised. The tweet has over 600 likes and a lot of comments for this emotional moment.

A tennis player tweeting about the Oscar truly worthy and deserving moment tells us what a truly emotional and significant event it was. It has grabbed the attention of international media and social media for the emotional connection that South Korean actress Youn Yuh-Jung had with the second-ever deaf actor to win the Oscar- Troy Kotsur. It makes the viewers feel very relatable and as a result, feel that the actor actually deserves it.

With Andy Roddick also commenting on this heartwarming moment, people come together and a positive vibe and surroundings are created. As a result, Troy Kotsur got a standing ovation when he gave his speech which was interpreted in the American Sign Language. He said, ” It is amazing to be here. I cannot believe that I am here. Thank you to the Academy for recognizing my work.”

Marlee Matlin another co-star of his who is also hearing impaired won an Oscar. All these accounts for a significant aspect of change and Andy Roddick tweeting about it is an extremely good part of a promotion. What do you feel about this topic?

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