Emma Raducanu says “It’s way past bedtime” when asked about the late finishes at the Australian Open 2022

Emma Raducanu when asked about the late finishes at the Australian Open said that it is "Way past her bedtime".

Emma Raducanu
Emma Raducanu

Emma Raducanu won her debut match at the Australian Open against Sloane Stephens. The 19-year-old is playing her third grand slam and hasn’t lost a single match at a grand slam yet.

After winning the match when she was asked about how would she deal with the late nights after an evening match she said, “It’s way past my bedtime right now. So it’s a learning experience, and I can’t tell you much because I have had just a single night match in the past.”

Emma Raducanu in the post-match press conference

Emma Raducanu
Emma Raducanu

During the post-match press conference, Emma Raducanu was asked multiple questions about how she was feeling after her first win at the Australian Open in her debut match. When she was asked what did this win mean to her, she said, “Yeah it meant a lot for sure, it’s my first win in Australia at a grand slam. I came here and played the juniors and lost first round so to come out here and get my first win, I was very very happy and starting a year off with my first win really and I am looking forward to building on this going forward and trying and recover as best as I can for my next match.”

Raducanu will be facing Danka Kovinić from Montenegro in her second-round match. But beating a much tougher opponent like Stephens in her first round will give her the required motivation to beat Kovinić in the second round.

When asked about how she was going to manage the late finishes in the tournament that could disrupt sleep and affect her training, she said, “Yeah I mean it’s way past my bedtime right now. So I think that’s something that I am also learning about myself. and what works for me. You know dealing with those late finishes, night matches, and maybe not being able to get to sleep because of the adrenaline running on. So I think it’ll be a good experience learning from that and I can’t really tell you much because I’ve only had one night match in the past.”

Raducanu hasn’t lost a single match in the three grand slams she has played till now. She dropped out of Wimbledon due to an injury and won the US Open from qualifiers. Will she be able to continue the run or is Danka Kovinić going to put an end to that run, we will find out this Thursday.

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