“Ultimately Grand Slams matter the most,” Francisco Roig believes World No.1 no longer a priority for the Big 3

Fransisco Roig recently revealed that achieving the top rank is no longer a priority for any of the Big 3.

Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic
Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic

Rafael NadalRoger Federer, and Novak Djokovic have dominated tennis for a long time now. Nearly 2 decades on, Nadal and Djokovic are still going strong despite Federer dropping off. Since the trio began their domination, no one except Andy Murray has been able to get to the top and win Grand Slams.

Such a level of dominance and prolonged success obviously leads to fierce competitiveness and discussion on whom among the three is the best. The discussion on who is the GOAT in tennis among Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic has been going on for a long while now, with every person having differing opinions.

Roig believes Big 3 not targeting top rank anymore

Rafael Nadal
Rafael Nadal

Francisco Roig has been with Rafael Nadal through all his triumphs over the years. Now co-coach with Carlos Moya and Marc Lopez, he has been in Nadal’s team since 2005. Francis, as he is known, spoke to RTVE regarding Rafa’s various goals, among which the place of World No. 1 is no longer one.

Francis revealed that owing to his age and injury problems, Rafa is not going to play an excessive number of tournaments in order to gain the top spot in the rankings, achieving it is a consequence rather than a goal at this point in time.

“Rafa is not going to condition his calendar to play more tournaments and seek the world number one spot. It’s something that exists of course, but it’s not really the goal, it’s more of a consequence,” Francis said.

He then went on to state that the No.1 spot is no longer a priority for any of Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, or Novak Djokovic. Instead, the priority is to set up a good and efficient schedule. Ultimately, it is the Grand Slams that matter the most, which is what excites Rafa.

“The world number 1 spot is something that is no longer a priority for Rafa, Roger, or Novak. The question of the Grand Slams comes first. That’s the big challenge, that’s what excites Rafa the most. The priority is that and setting up a good schedule,” added the Spaniard.

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