WATCH: “Embarrassment to the sport, F*** him,” Dan Evans LOSES his cool against Aslan Karatsev

British tennis star Dan Evans looses his cool at the ATP Sydney Tennis Classic semifinals with Aslan Karatsev.

Dan Evans
Dan Evans

Dan Evans is a British professional tennis player. His current ranking according to the Association of Tennis Professionals is World No.25 and his highest ranking was World No.22 he has one singles career title to his name and he also won the Davis Cup in 2015.

Recently, Dan was a part of the ATP Sydney Tennis Classic tournament 2022 in which he reached the semifinals. In the semifinals, he was defeated by Russian tennis star Aslan Karatsev with a score of 3-6, 7-6, 3-6.

“That’s a f***ing embarrassment to the sport,” Evans on Karatsev’ ‘Toilet Break’

Dan Evans vs Aslan Karatsev
Dan Evans vs Aslan Karatsev

Tennis Twitter recently saw a video trending, in this video, Dan Evans and Aslan Karatsev can be seen playing against each other in the semifinals of ATP Sydney Tennis Classic 2022.

During the third set, Dan lost in cool and started screaming when Aslan took a five minutes long bathroom break. He thought Aslan took longer than the time which is permitted. “That’s a f****** embarrassment to the sport, embarrassing. F*** him,” Evans yelled. “You DIDN’T apply the rules. You didn’t!”

Aslan opted to change his outfit for the match and took five minutes which made Dan furious and he yelled, “Five minutes to change his shorts and t-shirt? Five minutes? Good effort.”

According to the new rules of the ATP, bathroom breaks can only be taken at the end of a set and they can only have a duration of five minutes, provided the player changes his outfit.

He also screamed at the supervisor and said “You gives sit there every week and do nothing. No-one on this tour plays tennis without running. You sit there on your walkie-talkie, why do you have that? I want an answer. Have you got an answer? How long was he off the court? Tell me, I want to know.

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