Party Court at the Australian Open 2024: what is the hype all about?

The Party Court outside the Australian Open has received huge attention and hype in the media as the Grand Slam commenced on Sunday.

Party Court at the Australian Open 2024: what is the hype all about?

The Party Court (image via: Daily Mail)

The first Grand Slam of the season is underway on Sunday. The first day of the tournament saw some absolute crunch encounters between some of the world-class players

However, apart from tennis, one facility that has gained much more hype and attention is the Party Court. So, what is the Party Court, and what is it all about?

The Party Court is a courtside bar alongside Court Six of Melbourne Park. The tournament organizers of the Australian Open unveiled this new facility before the start of the mega event. 

Basically, it is a two-story building capable of accumulating more than 400 fans and consists of bars as well as restaurants for food. According to tournament director Craig Tiley, the Party Court is generally made to provide an elevated experience for the fans.

We're gonna give this a go on outside court six. And basically, what it is, we just wrapped the court with a two-storey structure where fans can actually lean over, watch the tennis, sit down.
Tiley said to Fox Sports.

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The atmosphere of the Party Court leaves Arthur Rinderknech fuming

Notably, tennis players demand a bit of calm and relaxation during the matches. However, facilities such as the Party Court, which boasts a DJ and plays loud music, can be distracting for the players. 

The Party Court which boasts bars and restaurants, near the Court Six of the Melbourne Park has gained huge attention and hype.
Arthur Rinderknech (image via: Wikipedia)

Something similar happened to the French tennis player Arthur Rinderknech during his first-round match against Pavel Kotov.

Some fans - I won't even say the country - guys that were drunk were shouting at me every time I was missing my first serve, and I don't think that's really correct.
He said to Fox Sports.

The Frenchman lost the match but was much more furious with the crowd atmosphere, and he even claimed that he felt like playing in a nightclub. 

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