Why is US Open also called ‘Flushing Meadows’?

Let's have a look at why the US Open is called Flushing Meadows.

Why is US Open also called ‘Flushing Meadows’?

Arthur Ashe Stadium (Image via ATP Tour)

The fourth and final Grand Slam of the year has its own specialty. The US Open is the tournament of the night. Fans have an absolute blast watching late night matches.


Hollywood is present in attendance and it’s a spectacle that one doesn’t want to miss. As the sun goes down, the Arthur Ashe Stadium is filled with joy as the best players take to court and exhibit their best skills in front of a gigantic crowd.

The US Open is located at the USTA National Tennis Center in the Flushing Meadows at Queens in New York. There are 22 courts and the biggest of them all is the Arthur Ashe Stadium. It has a capacity of 23,771 people and is the biggest stadium in the sport.

The tournament has seen many generations of winners and innumerable records and historic moments. Roger Federer winning five US Opens in a row was one of them. Andy Murray finally winning his first Grand Slam also took place over here.


The US Open is also called Flushing Meadows because the entire tennis arena is located in and around Flushing Meadows Park. The biggest stadium was named Arthur Ashe as Arthur Ashe was the first to win the event after the name changed from US Championships to US Open. The tournament takes place from late August to early September.

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The history of the Flushing Meadows

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Andy Murray winning in 2012 (Image via CBS News)

The park was originally a beautiful meadow where people would go to take a breather from their hectic lives. However, in 1907 a contractor named Micheal Degnon purchased the land and turned it into a dumping ground. The residents who had always seen the place as a scenic point were upset. Which then made them turn it into a normal residents’ park in 1920.

15 years later in 1935, the park got its name as Flushing Meadows. Over the years it saw many great tennis champions come and lift the Hollywood Grand Slam in its proximity. Just done with Wimbledon the tennis World now is moving towards the States. A couple of Masters Series events in Cincinnati and Canada and then the big prize at the Flushing Meadows in New York. Carlos Alcaraz is the reigning champion. Can someone stop the Spaniard who just won the Wimbledon? We will see.


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