TenZ and SicK to sit out matches for Sentinels due to emergencies. Dani and Rawkus fill in

TenZ and SicK to sit out matches for Sentinels due to emergencies. Dani and Rawkus fill in

Maters Reykjavik 2021 Sentinels took to Twitter to reveal that two of their main roster players will be sitting out the mathces due to both of them having emergencies.


Tenz and SicK are the players who will have to sit out the matches due to the former being sick and the latter facing a family emergency.

Sentinels bring in two substitutes in place of TenZ and SicK

The then coachless champions of the first-ever Valorant LAN in the form of Masters Reykjavik, Sentinels, took to Twitter to reveal that two players from the main roster will not be playing in the matches.

TenZ - Jett Players to Watch out for at Valorant Champions Berlin

The first player was revealed to be TenZ who had been the wonderkid loaned from Cloud9 and later on fully bought out after the success he brought the team at Masters Reykjavik, because he was sick.

Sen Sick Valorant Settings

The second player was none other than SicK who seemed to be having a family emergency because of which he would have to sit out the match with his teammates.

The absence of two players at once does put a lot of pressure on Sentinels and they surprised us quite a bit by revealing the names of their substitutes who will be playing in turn of Tenz and SicK.

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No zombs?

Even though zombs is still a listed player for Sentinels, it wasn’t as surprising as you might think for him not being called upon for playing in the match for sentinels. You see, zombs isn’t the player who would be fit for filling in in place of TenZ or SicK as he is the known ex-controller for the team.

Rawkus returns to Sentinels

In place of TenZ and SicK, there was one known name and a new one that not a lot of people had heard of. They were none other than Sentinel’s Coach – Rawkus and a new substitute that hadn’t been revealed by Sentinels before, Dani.

We’ll have to see just how good Sentinels play without 2 of their major players in the roster and it is going to be a ride for sure.

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