“I’m sure I still can and will be the champion of this division,” claims Thiago Santos as he promises to win the light heavyweight title

Thiago Santos claims he is a different fighter now and his pursuit of the light heavyweight title.

Thiago Santos

Brazilian MMA fighter, Thiago Santos is looking to come back from his defeat against Glover Teixeira last November. Santos lost to Glover by submission in the third round. Thiago Santos has a record of 21-8-0.  The Brazilian is also scheduled to fight Alexander Rakic at UFC 259 in the light heavyweight division.

After his disappointing loss in 2020, the light heavyweight fighter is eager to show the world that he has improved and is a different fighter now. Thiago took the loss against Teixeira heavily as that defeat put the Brazilian far from his pursuit of winning the title. Thiago has promised that he will go for the belt again.

In a recent interview with Ag fight, Santos spoke about his pursuit for the light heavyweight title and his transformation after the loss. Thiago tore his ligaments at the title fight against Jon Jones and is now ready to make a “real return”.

“I’m much more prepared than I was when I fought Glover,” Santos said. “I’ve had more time now and the Glover fight was just a warm-up. I was coming off a long layoff, my timing was off, but I don’t mean to make excuses. Now I’m 100% ready and 100 times better than the last time.”

“I’m healthy, I want to keep fighting.”, says Thiago on his plans in the promotion

Thiago Santos UFC

In the interview, Thiago Santos talked about his training and his efforts in recovery. “I’ve been giving a lot of focus to wrestling and jiu-jitsu.” Santos continued. “Not that I wasn’t training that ahead of the Glover fight, but now I’m doing it more than ever. It surely will be a different Marreta. Always aggressive, but taking his time, always aware. It will be a different fight.”

Santos believes now that he is healthy he can go back to pursuing his dream of winning the belt. Thiago is all ready to challenge for the belt one more time. “I’m healthy, I want to keep fighting. I want to fight as much as possible. I’m still chasing that belt. I’m young and I’m sure I still can and will be the champion of this division.”

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