Furious Tiffany Stratton breaks silence after shocking loss in Queen of the Ring tournament on SmackDown

Tiffany Stratton is pi*sed off over her loss against Bianca Belair.

Furious Tiffany Stratton breaks silence after shocking loss in Queen of the Ring tournament on SmackDown

Tiffany Stratton (via WWE)

This week on SmackDown, Tiffany Stratton faced a major upset. She was involved in a match against Bianca Belair, in which she suffered a loss. It was not just a regular loss, as the opportunity to qualify for the next stage of Queen of the Ring was on the line. Therefore, The Buff Barbie reacted to her defeat with a frustrated message.

In a clip posted by WWE, Tiffany Stratton was shown walking backstage in anger. She was visibly cranked up following the huge loss. The former NXT Women’s Champion uttered that she was in disbelief that she would not be heading to the finals of the QOTR tournament. Moreover, she claimed she was frustrated with that, as she no longer has a clear path.

I can't believe I'm not gonna be Queen anymore. I'm so freaking pi*sed. 
Tiffany Stratton via Instagram

Nevertheless, it was a marquee match between two of the top talents on SmackDown. In a back-and-forth battle, Bianca Belair brought the best of herself and pinned Stratton after a KOD. Many fans speculated that the Center of the Universe was going to be the finalist in the tournament. However, this was an unpredictable move by WWE.

Furthermore, there was speculation that the 25-year-old star might have faced the consequences of her recent controversial statements. More importantly, the SmackDown star has been on the radar of many of the fans, including a WWE veteran who recently called her out for her overly revealing ring gear. 

Tiffany Stratton’s recent racist comments were a bigger deal than fans thought

Tiffany Stratton has been receiving major backlash from fans for her recent racist comments. She posted a fan-made video where she implicitly called Jade Cargill a black b*tch. As such, a report has been surfacing on the internet, which suggests the magnitude of this controversy.

Tiffany Stratton
Tiffany Stratton (via Pinterest)

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, if someone else other than Stratton had said something like that, they would have been fired by now. Despite that, the report claimed that it is not something that can be swept under the rug. Therefore, due to Tiffany’s rising popularity, no major action was taken against her.

Fans went all out, attacking the Buff Barbie on social media. People expressed resentment over such a ridiculous statement. As of now, WWE has yet to officially acknowledge the Center of the Universe’s social media post.

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