“That intimidation factor is enormous,” Tim Henman shares a piece of advice for Jasmine Paolini ahead of her BIG FINAL against Iga Swiatek

The Italian has reached her first major final.

“That intimidation factor is enormous,” Tim Henman shares a piece of advice for Jasmine Paolini ahead of her BIG FINAL against Iga Swiatek

Jasmine Paolini, Iga Swiatek, Tim Henman (Images via Imago)

Italian tennis player Jasmine Paolini is living her dream as she is into the final of both singles and doubles events at the 2024 Roland Garros. While the women’s doubles final will be in her sight, Paolini’s singles final match against Iga Swiatek will be playing on her mind. She might feel intimidated and that is what Tim Henman does not want her to do.

The former British tennis player has said that Paolini should be focused on her game and must avoid looking at the stature of the player on the other side of the net. As the Italian is playing singles and doubles matches on alternate days, she might not have gotten time to think about her opponent in the last few matches.

However, here, as she is going to play in the final, her opponent’s level will play on her mind. But Henman suggests that although the intimidation factor will be enormous, rather than focusing on Swiatek, Paolini should look to take it point by point and should focus on the ball.

I think one of the important aspects for the final is that she has to make sure that she really focuses on playing the ball. If she looks at the other end and looks at Swiatek who has been dominant, winning this title comfortably, that intimidation factor is enormous. So, I think she just got to try and take her time, embrace the challenge, and play each point as it comes and give it her best shot. 
Tim Henman suggested to Jasmine Paolini. (H/T: Eurosport)

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Jasmine Paolini respects Iga Swiatek but knows what to do

While Tim Henman has shared a piece of advice for Jasmine Paolini asking her to not focus on the stature of her opponent, the Italian already knows that. Paolini talked about her matchup against Iga Swiatek and admitted that while she has huge respect for the Polish ace, she is focused on herself for now.

Jasmine Paolini
Jasmine Paolini (via Imago)

Paolini said that she has huge respect for Swiatek but as she gets ready to face the World No. 1 in the big final, she wants to focus on her game and what she can do on the court to win the match. The 29-year-old Italian is looking to put her best foot forward.

Yeah, I'm going to say that. Iga is an unbelievable player, as I said. So young, but so many achievements and Grand Slams. Here she won three times. She's doing well week by week, and that's not easy. So l have huge respect for her, but my goal is to step on court Saturday and try to enjoy the match and to enjoy that moment and to try to play a good match and to make a good performance on court, you know, yeah.
Jasmine Paolini said.

Notably, this will be a third faceoff between Swiatek and Paolini. In the last two meetings, the Polish tennis ace has managed to beat the Italian. The last time the two players played against each other was at the 2022 US Open and Switek had won the match in straight sets. It is to be seen if Paolini manages to register her first win against Swiatek or if the double-defending champion will clinch her fourth title in Paris.

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