Longtime WWE employee reveals Vince McMahon is banned from the WWE headquarters’ gym despite helping design it

Vince McMahon resigned from his post as TKO chairman after he was accused of s*x trafficking by a former WWE employee.

Longtime WWE employee reveals Vince McMahon is banned from the WWE headquarters’ gym despite helping design it

Vince McMahon (via Wrestling News)

It seems like WWE is seeking to sever all ties with Vince McMahon after former employee Janel Grant filed a lawsuit against him for s**ual assault a few months ago. Recently, the severity of broken relationship came to light when a former employee revealed that he was banned from entering one of the things that he created.

Former WWE employee Tommy Carlucci disclosed on The Insiders podcast that McMahon was prohibited from entering WWE headquarters. Not only that, but he couldn’t even work out in the gym, which he had envisioned for himself. Vince McMahon resigned from the parent company, TKO, following the allegations.

Recently, Janel Grant agreed to pause the lawsuit after the DOJ decided to investigate the allegations against the former chairman. More and more victims, like the veteran valet Missy Hyatt, came forward to reveal more of his horrific deeds during his time as the boss. Former WWE executive John Laurinaitis and the Stamford-based promotion are also co-defendants in the lawsuit.

Every meeting that goes on over there, you'll never see Vince here again, from the TKO people. It’s crazy when you think about it that he's the legacy.
Tom Carlucci on The Insiders podcast

Fortunately, the environment among the wrestlers and higher-ups is much healthier and more transparent. Top stars like La Knight and Gunther have also highlighted significant differences between the regimes of McMahon and Triple H. Not only have superstars appreciated the product under Hunter’s leadership, but fans have also enjoyed it.

Randy Orton expressed his honest opinion on Vince McMahon being no longer in charge

Most fans are aware of what Randy Orton said about Vince McMahon following the lawsuit against the latter. Recently, The Viper made a shocking revelation when he said that McMahon denied him the opportunity to ease his schedule so that he could heal from his bad back. He reiterated the greatest benefit of the former chairman’s departure from the company.

Randy Orton and Vince McMahon
Randy Orton and Vince McMahon (via WWE)

The 14-time world champion explained to Bill Apter why he was glad that McMahon was no longer around. He stated that it was time to move on, even though he was grateful for giving him so many opportunities.

The Apex Predator further added that Triple H, as a leader, understood the importance of cherishing personal moments. As of now, Orton is absent from TV programming after experiencing a controversial loss against Gunther. The way that match ended has fans anticipating a rematch between the two titans in the future.

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