Top 3 Best Character Combinations for Skyler in Free Fire

We will see some of the best Character Combinations for Skyler in the following article.

Character Combinations for Skyler

Free Fire is home to a lot of unique characters and one of the latest ones to be introduced in-game is Skyler. Character Combinations for Skyler or any other agents, for that matter, imparts a huge role in potential gameplay. Home to a variety of agents, players in a free fire can most certainly form squads that most suit each other’s unique abilities.

Free Fire is well-known for its unique characters which possess different abilities. It is a free-to-play battle royale game that is based on survival and has a unique system of characters in-game who have their special abilities. These abilities, when utilized under the right circumstances in the game, can give a valuable edge to the players. However, we will see some of the best Character Combinations for Skyler in the following article.

Top 3 Character Combinations for Skyler:

Top 3 Character Combinations for Skyler
Top 3 Character Combinations for Skyler

The plethora of characters and their unique abilities diversify the game compared to the other battle royale games, and players can improvise according to the character they are comfortable with in Free Fire. All characters in Free Fire can equip up to 4 skills, one active and three passives. While they set agents apart from each other, some skillsets might go best with another agent’s abilities. While there are a range of options to choose from, the below set of agents might be the best Character Combinations for Skyler,

According to the in-game description, Skyler is a CEO and superstar. Skyler is based on a Vietnamese singer named Son Tung M-TP, which might be the reason his ability is related to soundwaves. He has an active ability called ‘Riptide Rhythm’, upon activation of which, it would create a Sonic Wave that damages up to five Gloo Walls in a 50 meters radius. Furthermore, it increases players’ HP recovery for each Gloo Wall deployed. At max level, Riptide Rhythm’s AOE increases to 100 meters, HP recovery increases to 9, and its cooldown is lowered to 40 seconds.

Here’s a video on the same for more perspective:

#1. JOTA

According to the in-game description, Jota is a parkour expert and stuntman. Jota has a passive ability named ‘Sustained Raids. ‘ It restores 25 HP instantly when the player kills an enemy with an SMG or a Shotgun. At the maximum level, 40 HP is restored immediately on every kill. The versatile ability of Skyler enables players to make both aggressive and defensive plays with him as it can prove to be quite helpful in the last few circles of the game, where there is extensive use of gloo walls.

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Jota: Top 3 Character Combinations for Skyler

While this might look more of a rush-style combo, with the player going in gun blazing, this combination will provide players with an advantage over competitors in terms of HP, since Skyler can also offer to heal when users use gloo walls. Simultaneously, any kill with SMGs or Shotguns will restore 40 HP instantly because of Jota’s Sustained Raids ability because Jota’s abilities can give players extra HP and Ammo after a kill.

Clearly he is best suited to be the number one choice of the best Character Combinations for Skyler, if you want to play aggressive.

#2. MOCO

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Moco: Top 3 Character Combinations for Skyler

 Moco is an outstanding hacker inside the game, the legend of the Cyber World. Moco is also known as “chat noir” for her skill, Hacker’s Eye and intelligence. She can hack into any computer she wants without anyone noticing. After she gets the information she needs, she disappears like a ghost.

With Skyler’s Riptide Rhythm ability and Moco’s ability to tag enemies who are shot for five seconds, the squad will be near to invulnerable since this can prove immensely helpful in battles when enemies are hitting behind gloo walls. Moreover, Hacker’s Eye can be used by players while they are rushing or even when enemies are rushing at them. With Skyler breaking down walls and Moco revealing locations, enemies will become absolutely vulnerable and nowhere to take cover.


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Wolfrahh is a streamer and esports player who comes with the ability to reduce the damage caused by headshots by up to 25 percent with each additional viewer. Wolfrahh can also enhance the damage to the enemy’s limbs by up to 25 percent. This might be another best Character Combinations for Skyler to use with an AR and would definitely ensure smooth gameplay. With Skyler’s ability and Wolfrahh’s ability stacking up after every kill, the team would undoubtedly be strong.

Since his ability reduces the headshot damage when enemies hit him, whereas his damage increases on the enemies’ limbs and arms, along with Skyler’s gloo wall breaking, they might be near to invulnerable while taking hand in combat at the same time.

Note: Character combinations in Free Fire are entirely subjective and therefore are influenced by players’ preference. The combos listed in this article are based on the writer’s opinion.

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