Top 5 AK Skins Free Fire in 2021: All you need to know

Free Fire is a game with many different weapon skins available to the player. Here are the Top 5 AK skins in Free Fire for 2021. Read to know more.


Free Fire is a game with many different weapon skins available to the player. Here are the Top 5 AK skins in Free Fire for 2021. Read to know more.  Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular Battle Royale games out there. It has a plethora of Outfits, skins, and many other fancy items in the game. 

All the characters in the game, have unique abilities that significantly aid players on the virtual battleground. We all know every character in Free Fire has a unique ability of their own. Which is very helpful in the game. Not only Gun skins, pets, and bundles people go mad behind, for Characters in Free Fire.

The AK 47 is a very famous weapon that is available in many different shooting games . It is a reliable and deadly weapon that can be very useful. Free Fire is a mobile game that has boomed in the past year. The battle royale title has many weapons and the Ak is just one of them.

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AK 47

The AK has impressive fire rate and damage per bullet, and is effective regardless of the distance between the user and the target. However, the other-side of this gun is that it has significant recoil, making it difficult to control in some situations.

Best Skins for AK in JAN 2021

In this we will be seeing the Top 5 AK Skins in Free Fire for 2021:

Legendary AK skin

Players must complete the mission to acquire the AK47 skin.

The legendary AK47 skin isn’t one that players can afford to miss out on. To get the skin a task will be given, which requires the players to play Bermuda 2.0 map 30 times within 24 hours. As soon as players complete the mission, they can go back to collect the AK47- Winterlands skin.


The Dragon AK gives much greater damage and increased rate of fire. The weapon is white with flashes of red and black.

Evil Pumpkin

The Evil Pumpkin is a spooky and cool skin for the gun. It is yellow and has a glowing evil pumpkin on it. There is also an aura of bats swirling around the gun. You get increased rate of fire and greatly increased accuracy at the cost of range.


The bright Flame AK is red in colour and has a bright yellow aura. It has far greater damage and increased range at the cost of magazine size.


The Valentine AK is an attractive and colourful skin that pops. It is shades of blue with pink and hearts all over the gun. There is also a heart aura. This weapon has increased damage and greatly increased Accuracy at the cost of Magazine size.

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