Top 5 best UMP skins in Free Fire

SMGs are one of the best options for close quarters combat in Free Fire. We take a look at the top 5 best UMP skins to use in Free Fire.


There are a wide variety of weapons to take out enemies with in Free Fire. The game lets you use all kinds of weapons like assault rifles and snipers and SMGs. One of the more popular SMGs is the UMP. The UMP has a decent fire rate and is actually pretty easy to control, it can prove to be very useful in close range combat. We will take a look at the top 5 best UMP skins to use in Free Fire.

Best UMP Skins in Free Fire

Cataclysm UMP

The cataclysm skin greatly improves the UMP at a small cost. The skin has a cool looking combo of yellow and black. The skin greatly increases the damage it deals at the cost of magazine size.

Lively Beast UMP

The lively beast UMP comes with the monster skin pack. It has a really cool pink colour with almost neon yellow teeth graphics all over it. The skin’s merit is that it increases the fire rate significantly, however this is at the cost of magazine size, which isn’t so bad if you’re accurate.

Art of War UMP

The Art Of War UMP provides a big buff to fire rate and increases damage. It has a combination of black, white and bits of pink across it. It also has a cool graphic of a Geisha with her eyes closed. The weapon also has a rose petal aura around it. However all this comes at the cost of a slight decrease in accuracy.

Carrot Imp-Head UMP

This strangely named UMP skin provides users with a boost in accuracy and fire rate. It however affects reload speed, which shouldn’t be much of a problem considering the benefits of the gun. It is mostly yellow with white accents.

Kpop Stardom UMP

The Kpop Stardom UMP greatly increases the gun’s rate of fire at the cost of range. This makes it extremely effective at close ranges, letting you down opponents way quicker than usual. The weapon is dressed in pink and purple with a bit of white in certain spots.

Those were our picks for the top 5 best UMP skins to use in Free Fire.

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