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Top 5 Weirdest Moments in the Premier League

Football is full of surprises and sometimes these surprises gets too weird and this makes the sport more enjoyable. So, these are certain weird moments in the English Premier League.

Any sport is full of bizarre and weird activities. It is in the DNA of any sport to produce these kinds of moments. To be honest it is because of human nature. As professional football players are people in the first place.

So, here are some Top 5 Weirdest Moments in the Premier League.

5. Eden Hazard brawl with a ball boy

This is probably one of the darkest moments in the Belgian’s career. Eden Hazard was duly sent off for the act of kicking a ball boy who was wasting time by holding on to the ball. 

The act of time wasting has become one of the dark sides of the beautiful game especially in the modern game. So, it was the game of Capital One Game tournament between Chelsea and Swansea in 2013 for which the Belgian Wizard received a red card.

4. Hell broke loose at the St. James Park

Fights, tackles, brawls are something which has become quite common in the game. It is not something which is quite surprising or out of  the blues type of thing. However, this usually occurs between the two opposing teams and their staff.

But it was a different story for the Newcastle United team. After a gut wrenching defeat from the hands of Aston Villa in 2005, Kieron Dyer and Lee Bowyer two fellow teammates simply lost it and started exchanging fist blows.

All this happened over a typical schoolboy thing which was lack of passing between the two, which resulted in both the players getting sent off. A classic school football story at a very professional level.

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3. Di Canio took it to the next level.

Paolo Di Canio signed for Sheffield United in the year 1997, usually players are supposed to be in the limelight for their skills and individual brilliance. But Di Canio became famous for all the wrong reasons.

The controversial italian, against Arsenal after getting sent off for his part in the brawl started by Wim Jonk and Patrick Viera. However, Di Canio took the brawl to an extreme level by pushing the referee Paul Alcock  so hard that he went rolling down the ground.

The aftermath resulted in an 11 game ban alongside £10,000 fine.

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2. Referee Andre Marriner shows red to the wrong player

This is one of those bizarre moments which are utterly hilarious and frustrating at the same time. As it totally depends upon which end you are supporting. And surprisingly it happened in one of the main matches of the premier league’s big six

That is in a match between Arsenal and Chelsea. The Gunners were humiliated 6-0 by the Blues, which was enough in itself. However it got worse by a blunder on the part of the referee. 

Who quite surprisingly sent off the wrong player, Kieran Gibbs who had no relation whatsoever with the foul. Alex Oxlade Chamberlain was the real guilty party. And as a matter of fact Alex repeatedly confessed that he was the guilty party but Gibbs got sent off anyways.

1 . Eric Cantona’s Career Highlight

Top 5 Weirdest Moments in the Premier League 2

One of the greatest number 7 in the history of Manchester United. Eric Cantona was a legend on and off the pitch. He retired too early though, However he was a controversial player during his illustrious career at the Old Trafford.

King Eric Cantona was famously remembered for his infamous incident with one abusive Crystal Palace fan. Cantona was sent off and while leaving the pitch, the Crystal Palace fan abused him and he didn’t take it nicely.

He literally kicked him and then several punches were exchanged between the two, which resulted in an eight month ban for the iconic number 7, this was unarguably the most bizarre or weird moment in the history of the Premier League.

The Conclusion 

These were some of the most bizarre moments in the history of English Football. Some of which has literally become a career highlight for the players which later went down to become a moment to remember for all the fans of the Beautiful Game in general.

Although in the most bizarre sense a memory duly written in the history of the game.