Travis Kelce makes shocking revelation about not washing his feet like his brother Jason Kelce

Jason Kelce had claimed that only 'weirdos' wash their feet in a social media.

Travis Kelce makes shocking revelation about not washing his feet like his brother Jason Kelce

Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce (via IMAGO)

To wash one’s feet or not? That’s the hottest debate raging on in the Kelce household, folks! Travis and Jason Kelce, who are accustomed to doing things unusually, created quite the stir after the latter made a shocking revelation that he does not wash his feet while showering.

In the recent iteration of the New Heights podcast, Travis Kelce admitted that he too, like his brother sometimes showers without washing his feet. Not sure how Taylor Swift would feel about that one Travis…Jason Kelce doubled down on his take about washing feet.

Who the f*** washes your legs or- what kind of psychopath washes your feet?
Jason Kelce said

Travis Kelce, on the other hand, washes his feet only on those days when he has had an intense workout or practice. Those days, it makes sense to him to have a detailed scrubbing, but on most days it does not really matter to have clean feet!

I'm not washing my feet every time. But after like a football practice- where my feet have just been like (squishing), yes, I wash my feet.
Travis Kelce said

Something is better than nothing, right?

Jason Kelce refuses to get down to scrub his feet during showers

Jason Kelce revealed that the only time he would touch his feet are for clipping his nails.

I'm not touching my feet unless I'm clipping my toenails. That's the only time I touch my feet.
Jason Kelce said

Thankfully, the one other exception he did mention is that he would clean his feet upon noticing “visible dirt.”

Travis Kelce
Travis Kelce (via IMAGO)

He believes that the soap mafia is out to get people and his dermatologists have suggested that the ideal way to use soap is to stick to a ‘less-is-more’ approach. In addition to this, Jason prefers to wear sandals rather than shoes. This is beneficial because the free movement of air does not cause constriction and sweating like shoes would thereby drastically reducing the chances of one getting athlete’s foot.

No offense, but Jason does seem like a guy who would probably not be the most pleasant smelling. However, his brother Travis defended him and said that is a misconception and in reality, he is not smelly at all. Thank god for deodorant, something that the former center for the Philadelphia Eagles carries on him at all times.

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