“Didn’t see that one coming”: Twitter Reacts to the shocking firing of Brian Flores as Miami Dolphins head coach

Check out how Twitter Reacted to the firing of Brian Flores as the head coach of Miami Dolphins.

Brian Flores

The Miami Dolphins stormed to a 33-24 victory over the New England Patriots in the final match of the regular season, to cap off a decent season for them. However, it was not enough for the veteran coach Brian Flores to keep his job as the head coach of the Dolphins.

After joining the franchise in 2019, the 40-year old has taken the side upwards constantly, and the move came as a huge shock to many followers of the game. The Dolphins finished the season on a 9-8 record, continuing their winning run into the second season from last year.

Brian Flores was fired after a 3-year spell with the Dolphins

Brian Flores in the Dolphins dugout this season
Brian Flores in the Dolphins dugout this season

The Dolphins started off the season on the worst possible note, having gone down to 1-7 at one stage, however, they rallied back under Brian Flores to finish it 9-8. Their late surge meant they only missed the playoffs by only one match, in what was a half-decent for the Dolphins.

Flores finished his spell at the Dolphins with a 24-25 record in his 49 matches which spanned for a total of three years. Brian Flores released a statement to thank the franchise for all the support during his tenure.

Statement of Brian Flores following his firing as Dolphins head coach

“I want to think the Miami Dolphins organization for the opportunity to be the head coach of this team for the last three seasons. It was an honour to represent the franchise and lead this group of men,” said Flores of his tenure as Miami Dolphins coach.

“I am grateful most of all for the players, coaches and support staff who gave everything they had on a daily basis to help us win games. They deserve the credit for any success on the field, and it was the honour of a lifetime for me to go to work with them every day.”

“I have always believed that leadership is really about service, and I did my best to serve the players, the staff and the organization every day. I believe in this team and will always value the relationships my family and I made here.”

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