UAV in Free Fire: All you need to know

This article is all about the UAV in Garena Free Fire. The UAV (Unmanned aerial vehicle) is a drone that hovers over the player location to expose them to other players.


This article is all about the UAV in Garena Free Fire. The UAV (Unmanned aerial vehicle) is a drone that hovers over the player location to expose them to other players.  Free Fire is a massively popular game in the battle royale genre. The game is made by Garena and was released in 2017. The game is a classic survival battle royale shooter.

Players need to survive till the end to win the game. It has steadily gained popularity since its release. The player base of the game spans throughout the globe.  The game currently has 35 characters that players can use. However every character has an unique ability except Primis and Nulla. 

The fans are drawn to the game’s competitive and casual play style. The competitive nature of the game is a huge natural draw for the players who want to be the best of the best. Naturally, the game has garnered a ton of pro players and content creators who showcase the game to its fans on a social media platform. 

It has witnessed an unprecedented rise and won several laurels, including the Mobile Game of The Year at the recent esports Awards 2020. There has been a gradual rise in the player base since its release over three years ago. The developers of Free Fire incorporate various unique aspects into the game, separating it from other games of its genre. UAV is one such facet of this title.

What is UAV in Free Fire?

The UAV is a randomly spawned map object that hovers over the players’ location and exposes it to enemies nearby. While the drone is in the air, it would emit a yellow radial scan effect, similar to the Scan equipment in players’ loadouts. Although the UAV shows the location of the players, it has various other uses.

Knowing the enemies positions can turn into an advantage for players and help them plan their next move. Also, the UAV can be destroyed by gamers to prevent it from revealing their locations. The UAV scan is more powerful than the loadout scan – it would reveal players even if they are crouching or prone within the scan radius instantly. All players in the radius would be able to see each other’s position.

Functions of UAV in Free Fire

The UAV spawns once the message “UAV has been deployed” appears above the player crosshair. It has no sound indicating its arrival or approach and can randomly appear out of nowhere. At its first appearance, it will hover about 30 seconds before traveling to another location, scanning every 3 seconds to detect movements of players in its radius.

At its next locations, it will stay put for about 20 seconds and after being active for about 1 minute and 40 seconds it will fly out of reach and respawn. Afterward, it would fly away to a random location, scanning the route every 3 seconds and reveal any players in the radius.

At the next location, it would stay still for 20 seconds and move again afterward with the same pattern. The UAV would fly out of reach despawn after 100 seconds. Players can destroy the UAV with a few gunshots. Hence, to complete it, they would have to start a classic match and take down 5 UAVs.

Advantages of UAV

While the UAV may appear to be bothersome and tempting to shoot down, thinking of some strategies of using it to your advantage may be beneficial for survival.

  1. Detecting player locations: We do not always know where our enemies may be lingering. The UAV can help with spotting other players. So making a run for it may be considerate, especially when many players are within its radius.
  2. Detecting movements: Some enemies tend to run towards or away from you unnoticed. However, with the help of the UAV, spotting their movements becomes a whole lot easier. If equipped with a good weapon, shooting them down becomes a whole lot easier
  3. Using both features is a plus: If you feel like backing down isn’t an option, and pushing may seem like a good idea. This completely depends on the position you find yourself at. Use the UAV to detect both the location and movement of your enemies which may leave them a surprise. The UAV does not detect the position your opponent is facing. So you have a good shot at attacking if you quickly sneak up on them, especially if they are facing another enemy.

While it is pretty tempting to just shoot it down, you should just stay outside of the detection area and follow it to see if any enemies get revealed.

Mission in Free Fire: Users have to complete the following mission to receive 6x Specter Badges and 2x Scanners from the Weekly Missions. Hence, to complete it, they would have to start a classic match and take down 5 UAVs. 

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