UFC 253 Live Updates: Play by Play live result updates of Israel Adesanya vs Paulo Costa

UFC 253 Live Updates: The titans of middleweight Paulo Costa and Israel Adesanya will clash with each other. Stay here for all the live updates

Adesanya vs Costa

UFC 253 main event Israel Adesanya vs Paulo Costa is live now. Along with this fight, the co-main event between Dominick Reyes vs Jan Blachowicz is also there in which the Light Heavyweight Championship is on line. Costa and Adesanya are on a winning streak and one of them is going to lose the title as well as their streak. Ian Blachowicz already got his hands on the light heavyweight championship of UFC which was vacant after Jon Jones left. The Last Style bender Israel Adesanya is still the Middleweight Champion.

Here is the live updates for all the UFC 253 fight card. Thanks for joining us.

UFC 253 Live Updates: Israel Adesanya vs Paulo Costa, Middleweight Championship Fight Main Event( Main Card)

Israel Adesanya defeated Paulo Costa by TKO and he is still the Middleweight Champion.

Israel Adesanya and Paulo Costa

Result: Israel Adesanya defeated Paulo Costa by TKO and he is still the Middleweight Champion (2 round, 3:59)

Round 2: Adesanya starts by kick again, another leg kick. Costa misses a high kick on the face, a hard jab for Costa. Adesanya pumps a jab, costa gets a little aggressive and caught in combination from Adesanya. Costa’s right eyebrow is open up, Costa is down he is hurt Izzy is pounding him with Hammer fists. That’s it its over Costa loses his streak.

Round 1: The most waited fight of the year is underway. Adesanya starts the fight with leg kicks, costa struck a hard leg kick on Izzy. Costa strikes a body kick, both of them taunts watch other. Costa connects on a combination, Adesnaya is striking the leg again and again. Adesnaya cracks a kick on body. The round ends.

UFC 253 Live Updates: Dominick Reyes vs Ian Blachowicz , Light Heavyweight Championship Fight Co-Main Event( Main Card)

Ian Blachowicz defeated Dominick Reyes by TKO and he is the new Light Heavyweight Champion

Dominick Reyes and Ian Blachowicz

Result: Ian Blachowicz defeated Dominick Reyes by TKO and he is the new Light Heavyweight Champion (2nd round, 4:36) (Light Heavyweight Championship fight)

Round 2: Ian start the round with a punch, Reyes is striking and dodging some hard punches. The bruise on Reyes body is starting to look bad and blood coming out of it. Reyes strikes one more punch, Ian is charging on him straight row, left-hand punch oh my god! Reyes is down Ian is changed on him and its done Reyes is out. The referee stops the fight.

Round 1: The round and match started for the light heavyweight championship. Reyes connected with a punch and Ian loses his balance, but he is back up again. Ian strikes a big leg kick, these two are exchanging with each other some hard shots. Ian lands another body kick, both of them throw body kicks now. Reyes is having a bruise mark of footprint on his ribs. Reyes tags Ian with a body kick and the round ends.

UFC 253 Live Updates: Kai Kara France vs Brandon Royval, Flyweight ( Main Card)

Brandon Rovyal defeated Kai Kara France by submission 2nd Round

Kai kara France and Brandon Royval

Result: Brandon Rovyal defeated Kai Kara France by submission (2nd round, 0:48) (Flyweight fight)

Round 2: Royval starts this round aggressively. He’s swinging hard, Kai kara France gets a hold and Royval grabs his neck. kara France is applying a guillotine and tap It’s over.

Round 1: These two guys are going on with high intensity on each other right from the start. Kai Kara France is down oh My! he used a spinning back fist while going sown and Brandon is also down. Both of them are engaged in ground now Kai is trying for a lock, and Royval escapes. Royval tries a high kick, kai kara France sweeps him down. Rovyal gets up and fired a series of punch. They clinch and separate. The round ends, the way these guys are swinging its just a matter of time before the round ends.

UFC 253 Live Updates: Ketlen Vieira vs Sijara Eubanks, Women’s Welterweight ( Main Card)

Vieira defeated Eubanks by unanimous decision of Judges

Sijara Eubanks and Ketlen Vieira

Result: Ketlen Vieira defeated Sijara Eubaks by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) (Women’s Bantamweight fight)

Round 3: Eubanks needs a finish here in this round to win this match. She is a little aggressive in this round, a massive punch, and Eubanks miss it. Both of them are looking for a breather before starting again. Both of them are more aggressive now, Eubanks lands a few more punches, and the bell sounds. Over to judges now.

Round 2: Vieira starts the rotund with a clinch, and Vieira is un Eubank’s guard now. The referee comes up and asks both fighters to stand up. They both have slowed down seems exhausted, Eubanks is landing some kicks on Vieira’s legs. Both fighters exchange and the round ends. It looks like 20-18 Vieira.

Round 1: Vieira starts the round with a tie-up and takes Eubanks to the fence. Vieira struggles to get out from the reversal, she breaks away. Vieira lands a one-two punch combination, they both are slinging some wild shots over each other. Vieira lands an uppercut, she lands a combination and attempted a takedown. The bell rings and round finished.

UFC 253 Live Updates: Hakeem Dawodu vs Zubaira Tukhugov, Featherweight ( Main Card)

Dawodu defeated Tukhugov by split decision of Judges

Hakeem Dawodu and Zubaira Tukhugov

Result: Hakeem Dawodu defeated Zubaira Tukhugov by split decision (28-29, 30-27, 29-28) (Featherweight fight)

Round 3: Dawodu starts round with a kick, the tries one more high kick and Tukhugov blocks it. Dawodu lands a hard punch. Tukhugov shoots again in the cage, Tukhugov is bleeding. The fighters are in the clinch and they break. Dawodu screams “Let’s fight” and Tukhugov is taking the beating. Bell rings it’s up to the judges now.

Round 2: Dawodu is relying on his kicks again, Tukhugov is showing excellent head movement and footwork. He connects with a leg kick, tukhugov connects with a straight right punch. Tukhugov goes for a takedown, Dawodu connects with a body punch. Both of them are still in the ground moving slowly and changing stances. The round ends. It is looking 20-19 for Tukhugov.

Round 1: Both of them are taking their time, measuring each other and striking smartly. Zubaira is moving nicely in the ring. Hakeem throws a right upper hand and misses it. Dawodu strikes an inside leg kick, Tukhugov strikes with some punches. Dawodu strikes again, Zubaira strikes and misses. Zubaira is moving a little more aggressively now. The bell sounds.

UFC 253 Live Updates: Brad Riddell vs Alex Da Silva, Lightweight ( Prelims)

Riddell defeated Silva by unanimous decision of Judges

Brad Riddell and Alex Da Silva

Result: Brad Riddell defeated Alex Da Silva by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) (Lightweight fight)

Round 3: Both of them picked up pace in the starting of the round, and exchanged some blows. Silva lands a knee, Riddell is starting to take a beating here. They locked again with each other and separates, Referee called timeout signaling an eye poke by Riddell. The doctor comes in and he is good to go, silva’s eye is swelling up. Silva tries to catch him with a high kick. Riddle shoots another takedown. The horn sounds, its up to the judges now.

Round 2: Riddell started the round with a combination, Silva pushes riddle against the fence. The fighters are staggered in the fence and the referee separates them. Silva lands a one-two and riddle applies counterpunch. Silva connected a knee both fighters are throwing their absolutely everything. Riddle lands a short left hand. Silva tries a takedown attempt, Riddle stuffs it. The round ends, this round seems to make scoring equal 19-19.

Round 1: Both fighters touched their gloves and the round starts. Silva started striking with a one-two combination, riddle replies with a kick. Silva lands a punch and scored a takedown. Silva is in half guard position, riddle scoots to the cage and gets up with its support. A head kick misses for Silva, he goes for a takedown. Silva tries a guillotine and horn sounds.

UFC 253 Live Updates: Diego Sanchez vs Jake Matthews, Welterweight ( Prelims)

Matthews defeated Sanchez by unanimous decision of Judges

Deigo Sanchez and Jake Matthews

Result: Jake Matthews defeated Deigo Sanchez by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-26) (Welterweight fight)

Round 3: Sanchez using all the fuel in his gas tank left, Matthews using counterpunches and Sanchez is down with a punching combination by Matthews. Sanchez is hurt, he’s trying to survive. Sanchez tries to apply a triangle and gets a Hammerfest by Matthews in return. Blood is rushing out from his nose, Sanchez returns to the guard he can’t take anymore and the bell rings and he survives. It’s up to judges now Matthews seems to be dominated this fight.

Round 2: Matthews started the round with a combination and Sanchez is ducking him. Sanchez lands a leg kick and another one, and in rush gets caught in a counterpunch by Matthews. Matthews lands a hard one-two combination on Sanchez, Sanchez is slowing down a little bit. Matthews lands a left-right combination punch exactly from the books. The round ends. Matthews seems to be in lead 20-18.

Round 1: Sanchez started the round by running towards Jake. He misses his first couple of strikes, Matthews gets grabbed by a kick from Sanchez. Sanchez falls down by get up fastly, he’s having some swelling under the left eye. Matthews hit him with another kick, Sanchez misses the combination. Matthews land another blow by a big right hand. Both fighters swinging wildly at each other, Matthews attempted a takedown and he gets it. Massive punches from Matthews, the bell rings. Sanchez is bleeding from his nose.

UFC 253 Live Updates: Shane Young vs Ludovit Klein, Featherweight ( Prelims)

Klein defeated Young by Knockout 1st Round

Shane Young and Ludovit Klein

Result: Ludovit Klein defeated Shane Young by knockout (1 round , 1:16) (Featherweight Fight)

Round 1: Young started the fight with his kicks, Klein is staying calm taking on the shots. Both the fighters locked their eyes. Straight punch on the head, young is hurt, Kevin followed a massacre of attack with it. An uppercut to the point and young is down. He’s finished. The referee stops the fight its over.

UFC 253 Live Updates: William Knight vs Aleksa Camur, Light Heavyweight ( Prelims)

Knight defeated Camur by unanimous decision of Judges

William Knight and Aleksa Camur

Result: William knight defeated Aleksa Camur by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27) (Light Heavyweight fight)

Round 3: Camur and Knight started the round with a clinch. Knight does it again he drags Camur to the mat, Camur gets up quickly. This time Camur gets Knight against the fence and down to the mat. Knight almost took a hit of major knee, Knight gets down and wraps Camur, he’s using his hands to ground and pound. The bell ring and round ends. Knight dominated this fight. Now lets see the official decision for the fight

Round 2: This time Camur shoots an early takedown. He push Knight against the fence, Knight uses his strength to attempt a reversal and came on top of Camur. Camur is pressing Knight up against the fence again. Knight lands a few hard blows on Camur before they both get up and they are down again with Knight in side control. Knight is in top-mount and he is attempting an American lock, Camur saved by the bell. Knight seems to take his lead further in this round 20-18.

Round 1: This fight is going to be a show stellar for sure both fighters gave each other a stare down and Knight knocks Camur down so early in the first round, looks like Camur was off balance. Knight pounds him against the cage, they spin around and Camur reserves it. The referee gave Camur a warning. Camur tries to attempt a leg sweep but knight stays intact. The fighters are up against the cage again and the referee separates them. Less than 10 seconds remains and Knight showers punches on Camur. The round ends, Knight seems to be in lead 10-9.

UFC 253 Live Updates: Juan Espino vs Jeff Hughes, Heavyweight (Early Prelims)

Espino defeated Hughes by submission

Jeff Hughes and Juan Espino

Result: Juan Espino defeated Jeff Hughes by submission via Scarf hold Round 1 (3 minutes :48 sec) (Heavyweight Fight)

Round 1: The fight starts and Juan Espino is back in the Octagon after a period of 22 months, Espino starts with moving in the ring. Espino tries an overhand but misses. He throws another right hand and tries a takedown following that. Hughes tries to hold his balance but Espino dragged him down. Espino is into side control now, Hughes scrambling his feat against the cage. Both stand up and Espino throws Hughes again on the canvas, Espino is trying to lean on him and trying scarf hold choke and he gets it. Game set match set. Espino win this fight.

UFC 253 Live Updates: Khadis Ibragimov vs Danilo Marques, Light Heaveyweight (Early Prelims)

Marques defeated Khadis by unanimous decision of Judges

Khadis Ibragimov vs Danilo Marques

Result: Danilo Marques defeated Khadis Ibragimov by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27) (Light Heavyweight fight)

Round 3: Marques started the round with an outside leg kick and Ibragimov gives him a punch as a counter. Marques shoots another takedown and Ibragimov again holds the cage. The referee gave marques a warning again, Ibragimov moves to the ground and tries for a guillotine. they get up again and marques attempts a takedown and gets it. The final horn sounds and it’s up to the judge’s decision right now.

Round 2: Ibragimov looks to take a lead in the starting of the round and throws a big punch and misses, He seemed to be tweaked his shoulder with this. Marques takes advantage of it and connects with an outside leg kick, both men have slowed down in pace a little bit. They barely throwing a strike in this round. Marques attempt a single leg and took Ibragimov to the mat again, Ibragimov is unable to get Marques off. The round ends, Marques seems to improve his score in this round 20-18 for Marques.

Round 1: Marques started the round with a jab, immediately followed by a knockdown. Ibragimov moves into a guillotine choke. The two fighters gone on the ground but they get up and marques shoves up Ibragimov against the cage, Ibragimov lands a combination. Marques shoot yet another takedown and they are against the fence again. Marques moves his hands for the rear-naked choke, with 10 sec left Ibragimov dumps marques and the round ends. It seems to be a 10-9 for marques.

Apart from these two undefeated giants to the Middleweight. There is much more on the card. Hers is a list of all the fights

Main Card

  • Hakeem Dawodu vs Zubaira Tukhugov (Featherweight)
  • Kelten Vieria vs Sijara Eubanks (Women Bantamweight)
  • Kai Kara France vs Brandon Rovyal (Flyweight)
  • Dominick Reyes vs Jan Blachowicz (Light Heavyweight) Co-Main Event
  • Israel Adesanya vs Paulo Costa (Middleweight) Main event

Preliminary Card

  • Brad Riddell vs Alex Da Silva (Lightweight)
  • Diego Sanchez vs Jake Matthews (Welterweight)
  • Shane Young vs Ludovit Klein (Featherweight)
  • William Knight vs Aleksa Camur (Light Heavyweight)

Early Preliminary Card

  • Juan Espino vs Jeff Hughes (Heavyweight)
  • Khadis Ibragimov vs Danilo Marques (Light Heavyweight)

Adesnaya is on a undefeated streak of 19 fights and Costa is on a undefeated of 13 fights. Stay tuned here for the live updates of UFC 253: Israel Adesanya vs Paulo Costa

Preview: Israel Adesanya vs Paulo Costa

Israel Adesnaya, The Last Style Bender is on a undefeated streak of 19 fights and Paulo Borachina Costa, The Eraser in on a undefeated streak of 13 fights. They both already have a bad blood between each other it is going to be interested to see who will get the title.

Preview: Dominick Reyes vs Jan Blachowicz

Dominick Reyes who has standed tall in front of Jon Jones is getting another title shot after Jones vacant the Light Heavyweight championship against Jan Blachowicz. Who is it going to be that will be starting his own reign in Light Heavyweight.


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