UFC 300 parking lot filled with ‘Missing’ fliers for Leon Edwards as Joaquin Buckley takes trolling to next level

The 'missing' posters of Leon Edwards are all around the parking lot of the UFC 300 event, thanks to Joaquin Buckley

UFC 300 parking lot filled with ‘Missing’ fliers for Leon Edwards as Joaquin Buckley takes trolling to next level

Joaquin Buckley covers the UFC 300 parking lot with missing posters of Leon Edwards (via Imago)

The excitement for UFC 300 remains unparalleled. This makes it the best place to get a message across to numerous people quickly. Joaquin Buckley capitalized on the event to mock welterweight champion Leon Edwards. Buckley put out a sea of fliers plastered on car windows in the parking lot, indicating why the champion has not defended his title.

The fliers, designed with humor and a healthy dose of mischief, have the MMA community buzzed. The flier stated that the champion Leon Edwards was missing, and the last place he was seen was on his back in the 5th round. This was a reference to his recent fight against Colby Covington. Buckley’s stunt gained huge traction on social media.

The flier had “Softy” as the nickname for Edwards. This reference might indicate the welterweight champion breaking down after the UFC 296 press conference. The flier also touched upon Edwards’ perceived fear of losing his title to Belal Muhammad. The flier ended with a message that citizens should contact Buckley if ‘Rocky’ was found.

Joaquin Buckley seems to have taken trash-talking to a whole new level. Buckley is fresh off an impressive victory over Vicente Luque. He rose in popularity for his insane knockout of Impa Kansanganay. Buckley has clearly set his sights on the reigning UFC welterweight champion, Leon Edwards. But for now, he is content on trolling the champion. It remains to be seen whether Edwards responds to the troll job.

Fight fans reacts to Joaquin Buckley’s hilarious ‘missing person’ posters

After crashing the UFC 300 press conference, Buckley has become one of the most talked-about fighters recently. He utilized the increase in popularity to pull off a troll job. UFC 300’s parking lot transformed into an are­na for witty banter. Joaquin Buckley scattere­d “Missing” posters mocking champion Leon Edwards. Buckley’s antics sparked e­xcitement within MMA circles.

Fight fans reacted to Joaquin Buckley's missing poster troll
Fight fans reacted to Joaquin Buckley’s missing poster troll (via MMA Fighting)

Fans voice­d opinions online about the humorous fliers. Some­ deemed the­m funny, appreciating the lighthearte­d jest. Others dismissed the­m as self-promotion ploys. A faction of fight fans saw it as a clever tactic to garne­r interest in a potential Buckle­y-Edwards clash. Belal Muhammad also reacte­d to the mockery. Here are some of the­ fan reactions:

The welterweight champion is known for his stoic demeanor. However, he may find it challenging to remain composed in the face of such playful provocation.

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