UFC 303’s Conor McGregor set to make EPIC $6 million bank from recent Anti-trust laundry list

UFC antitrust lawsuit settled for $335 million, revised agreement submitted to court for approval. Conor McGregor could supposedly make an estimated $6 million in assorted payments among a class of fighters.

UFC 303’s Conor McGregor set to make EPIC $6 million bank from recent Anti-trust laundry list

Conor McGregor to make estimated windfall of $6 million (Source: IMAGO/Instagram)

The exact terms of a lawsuit settlement between the UFC and ex-combatants in the major “Le vs. Zuffa” antitrust case are out. Former fighters Cung LeNathan QuarryJon FitchBrandon VeraLuis Javier Vazquez, and Kyle Kingsbury were plaintiffs. While there isn’t much change upwind, some fighters will make windfall. One in particular will enjoy the bigger dough — ‘The Notorious’ Conor McGregor.

A class action suit that could have incurred billions in damages ended with a $335 million settlement fee. With attorneys working on the bevy of fighters asking for $120 million, that leaves with $215 million. Earlier, reports revealed how much money top stars made in the UFC. Now, one reporter has Conor McGregor making six million out of it when assorted among the eligible fighters!

Conor McGregor made $27 million during the Le class period from 2010 to 2017, We know that because the the trial revealed that...So, that $27 million would be about 4.85 percent of the total earnings paid out [by UFC] in compensation..during the lead class period. So, that means he’d get 4.85 percent of $129 million — about $6 million would be going to him...
Reporter John Nash via the special two-part “Hey Not The Face” Podcast; What every fighter should know about the antitrust settlement, pt. 1 | Ep. 65

The amount of money that other fighters make depends on their tenure during the frame of the lawsuit. Seventy-five percent of the $215 million will go to fighters on the active roster between 2010 and 2017. It also remains to be seen if stars like Ronda Rousey, Jon Jones, George St-Pierre, and others remain eligible to pocket some amount like McGregor. They were also among the top UFC fighters during this period alongside McGregor.

‘The Notorious’ returns from a long hiatus against Michael Chandler in a headlining welterweight bout. Should he make the walk at UFC 303, he’s already one of the richest sporting entities alive. His return event has already capped $20 million in the pre-sale gates.

Can Conor McGregor become a billionaire anytime soon?

Reports began to circulate as early as March of 2021 that McGregor sold his Proper 12 brand to Proximo Spirits for a hefty nine figures. Shenken News Daily — the business journal connoisseur of the beverage industry reported the cost of selling control to be a whopping $600 million!

Conor McGregor can get back on the high note again soon
Conor McGregor can get back on the high note again soon (Source: agfight.com/(@TheNotoriousMMA)/ X)

So by now, 2024, the 35-year-old is way more than halfway to a billion. Nothing feels bigger in combat sports circles than Conor McGregor’s imminent return. His bounce back from injury and the potential success of his return remains paramount. The McGregor-led UFC 303 gate is already projected to be the biggest ever.

Doors for major sponsorships open up after such big Pay-per-view events. UFC 302’s Islam Makhachev partnered up with YoungLA recently during his title defense. Beetroot Lab, DraftKings, Rolls-Royce, Wynn Las Vegas, and others remain his devout sponsors for years. If he exits International Fight Week in Las Vegas a victor, he’ll gain some more.

The only deterrent to “Conor McGregor” is the 5′ 9″ striker from Team SBG Ireland himself. Due to his long absence and splintered attention to business ventures, his return was billed after a while. Meanwhile, he was nowhere on the 2024 Forbes list of the world’s richest athletes. If he makes a successful return, things will change for the better. Billionaire “Mac” won’t stay far behind.

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