“A huge wrestling fan” Kayla Harrison reveals who writes Colby Covington’s script of brash comments

Kayla Harrison reveals who helped Colby Covington behind the scenes to help him build his new character.

Kayla Harrison Colby Covington
Kayla Harrison talks about Colby Covington's persona

With UFC 272 coming up this weekend, Kayla Harrison, a former teammate of superstar Colby Covington reveals how he became “Chaos”. Harrison reveals that Colby wasn’t alone in coming up with the character.

Colby Covington is one of the most polarising fighters in the UFC. In a packed arena, it is most definite that the audience is always feeling some type of way about the fighter. It is impossible to not either completely love him or absolutely hate Covington when you start watching him. For those who might take what Colby says, literally, sorry to burst your bubble but it is all just a play.

Covington absolutely switched up his character to make himself more “sellable” to the fight fans. Since this decision, he has managed to become one of the biggest PPV stars. Colby’s former teammate, Kayla Harrison, reveals who helped Colby with some of his trash-talking and punchlines. “He is a kid who used to be from this gym as well who surprisingly was a wrestling fan,” says Harrison hinting that Colby was a pro-wrestling fan and drew inspiration from that.

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Kayla Harrison talks Dan Lambert’s influence on Colby Covington

Colby Covington
Colby Covington at UFC 268

“I’m pretty sure Dan [Lambert] was the…Listen I mean it’s no secret,” said Kayla suggesting the American Top Team head was the one to suggest Colby tune his personality. “The UFC was gonna cut, Colby. He was 7 and 1 or something and they were gonna cut him anyways. So Dan was like, ‘we are not gonna change your style, you are not gonna not be a grappler. So we gotta change…you.’ And they did.”

Though Dan Lambert might have helped Colby develop his new character for MMA, Kayla believes, “Chaos” took it too far with his career. “Now, I don’t think Dan took it to the extreme. I think he just planted a seed and Colby…took it too far,” said Harrison.

Covington is known for his trash talk and the “extreme right-wing” character that he plays. Colby has managed to get the better of many of his opponents with his verbal assaults and this time he will look to do the same against his former friend Jorge Masvidal at UFC 272.

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