“What’s up fellas?”- Aljamain Sterling calls out to Robert Whittaker and Tai Tuivasa to issue an apology after counting him out

Aljamain calls out Robert Whittaker and Tai Tuivasa on twitter demanding an apology for the comments made by them at him pre fight on Fox Australia.

Aljamain Sterling
Aljamain Sterling

Aljamain Sterling won his recent title fight where he faced former champion, Peter Yan, in the rematch at UFC 273, Jacksonville, Florida. The split decision was made after five rounds of competition to unify Yan’s interim title and his undisputed bantamweight championship. Post the win, Aljamain Sterling has settled the score.

The champion is 2-0 against the former champion. Unlike the previous one, this time the result seems more explicit. In their first exchange, Aljamain won the world title due to his opponent striking him with an illegal knee at UFC 259. This method of winning the championship was unpredictable and unprecedented. Aljamain won not necessarily due to competence but rather the circumstances of the fight. Since then Aljamain received a lot of disrespect from the experts of the game and the fans. However, after his recent win, he muffled a lot of his critics and he has been relishing the victory since.

Aljamain Sterling retaliates to comments made by Robert Whittaker and Tai Tuivasa on Twitter

Aljamain Sterling
Aljamain Sterling

Before the rematch, Robert Whittaker, on Fox Sports Australia claimed that although he is very impressed with the skills possessed by the champion but his recent win was not deserving and he must act like it, he stated, “It’s just too far because he can fight. He’s a phenomenal fighter. He is unbelievable. But you can’t go claiming you’re the best in the world from it either because he didn’t win, Petr lost.

Sterling didn’t win, Petr lost. That is how it happened. That is the undeniable truth of the matter. So you can’t go around saying ‘I’m the champ, I’m the best in the world’ because you didn’t win the belt. You were given it. It’s different,” Rob concluded.

Seems like Aljamain did not like the comments that were made at him, as he took to Twitter to express the same. He seems to be half-trolling half-demanding an apology from the two fighters. He posted a survey in which an apology is to be filled and the reasons as to why the disrespect was delineated to him. He tagged the two fighters and stated:- “Whats up fellas? I need this back by the morning. Enjoy the night”

He has been actively involving the critics who were counting him out ahead of his rematch and is condescending towards him. In the post-fight interview, sterling said, “I know I came in here very highly doubted.” 

Regardless of how the champion wants to relish his victory, it can be ascertained that he deserved his well-attained victory through injuries and a long layoff. His recent win opens up new matchups in the division which makes the division interesting as the score is settled between Peter Yan and Aljamain due to which the division can now move on to new match-ups. 

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