“Anderson Silva is to MMA what Ali was to boxing”- DC puts up Muhammad Ali and Anderson Silva on the same pedestal in terms of greatness

Daniel Cormier draws parallels between Muhammad Ali and Anderson Silva. Here is what he said

Anderson Silva DC and Muhammad Ali
Anderson Silva DC and Muhammad Ali

Daniel Cormier gives his take on the all-time UFC Greatest of all Time. Place Anderson Silva at the top. 

The GOAT debate is something that is not going to stop anytime soon. Every MMA fan has their own opinion and takes on the all-time GOAT debate. While it will be harder to consider the overall GOAT of MMA, ranking them in terms of weight classes is something that can be done.

When it comes to the Middleweight, the name Silva definitely stands out. Silva during his time was untouchable and holds the record of longest title reign of 2,457 days in UFC history. Along with that the fighter also has a record of 16 consecutive victories in UFC. 

Daniel Cormier draws parallels between Silva and Muhammad Ali

Anderson Silva and Muhammad ALi
Anderson Silva and Muhammad ALi

Cormier was recently hosting the DC & RC show along with Ryan Clark. During the conversation, the pair was answering some questions asked by the fans. One of the questions asked by one fan was regarding Israel Adesanya being the Middleweight GOAT of UFC. 

Cormier responded to the question by explaining that there is no way Izzy is the Middleweight GOAT because Anderson has always been in that spot. According to the retired fighter, Izzy has to go a long way to beat Silva in the race. 

While continuing the discussion, DC revealed that in the world of combat sports the word GOAT is misused by fans a lot. The former UFC double champion expressed that Muhammad Ali is one of those fighters to have a clear stand as the boxing GOAT and Silva has a similar stature in MMA.

The word GOAT gets thrown around way too much in fight sports. The only person that doesn’t get passed is Muhammad Ali and there have been really impressive fighters but people recognize what Muhammad Ali was. Anderson Silva was to MMA what Muhammad Ali was to boxing,” said DC. 

Silva as a fighter is definitely one of the best to ever do it in the UFC. Silva, Georges St-Pierre, Jon Jones, Khabib Nurmagomedov all these fighters share similar positions in the debate. For a fighter like DC to compare Silva to Ali is not that surprising.  

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