“Appreciate you brother”- Michael Bisping and Daniel Cormier share wholesome interaction amid biased commentary row

Bisping was inducted into the Hall of Fame class 2019 whereas Cormier retired in 2020 with a championship defining career at two weight classes.

Daniel Cormier-Michael Bisping
Daniel Cormier-Michael Bisping

UFC Hall of Famer Michael Bisping and MMA Legend plus Olypic bronze medalist Daniel Cormier are two of the most entertaining duo when commenting together for the desk on UFC’s fight nights. However, they also got each other’s back as well when needed. Bisping, the former UFC Middleweight champion, has the credits for pulling of one of the greatest upsets in UFC history when he knocked out then middleweight champion Luke Rockhold in 2016 on a two-week short notice to claim the 185-lbs throne.

Michael Bisping
Michael Bisping

Cormier is the second UFC fighter in in history to become a two-division champion back in 2018 when he knocked out former heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic to grab the second belt after light-heavyweight. He is also recorded as one of the oldest champions in UFC history. Both Bisping and Cormier have been criticized time and again for their commentary going bias usually towards the favourite fighter of the betting odds. While Cormier fires back more often, Bisping had his first time in responding to the criticism he receives.

Michael Bisping criticized for his biased commentary at UFC 271 main event

Michael Bisping and Daniel Cormier
Michael Bisping- Daniel Cormier

After covering the UFC 271 main event as a commentator alongside, Cormier, Bisping recently said on Twitter “Lots of people saying I has biased commentary. That’s crazy. I called it like I saw it. Big opening round for Izzy. Then real close rounds after that, but I had Izzy winning most. 5 was robs best round. 2 probably went to him also. Close fight, very technical, well done to both!” Bisping was criticized for his commentary on the main event, a title rematch between the champ Israel Adesanya and Robert Whittaker.

To this, Bisping’s friend Cormier immediately took the matter in his hands for a brief period of time and said, “@bisping you can’t talk about it bro, people will always criticize you from the sidelines. You did a good job, don’t ever let these voices and they are few make your feel like you need to explain. Don’t give em power! #biasedcommentarymyass you did great. Everyone does” Bisping was the quickest thanking his colleague and friend for having his back and said “Appreciate you brother. Water off a ducks back”

What did you make of this gesture of friendship from one legend to another? Do you really think Bisping and Cormier have biased commentary? What do you think is the reasons for slipping into bias and how can one prevent it while talking about something going live? Where do you put Bisping and Cormier amongst the pioneers of this sport?

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