“Sick of these woke athletes”- Colby Covington flames ‘coward’ LeBron James for boycotting NBA games

Colby Covington and LeBron James have history together since '20 after Colby said that LeBron wouldn't last 10 seconds with him in a fight, calls him out again at the UFC 272 final face-off.

Lebron James and Colby Covington
Lebron James and Colby Covington

Colby Covington called the NBA star LeBron James a ‘Woke, spineless Coward‘ yet again at the final UFC 272 face-off with Jorge Masvidal. He said the exact same words about LeBron after his win against Tyron Woodley back in 2020. Colby said that he dedicated this fight to all ‘Real heroes’ of America, and not to the ‘Woke athletes’ like LeBron James.

Colby started off with a warm ‘welcome speech‘ for the UFC commentator/Podcaster Joe Rogan, who was under the radar for alleged racist comments in the past. Colby said, “It’s so great to have you back Joe Rogan, we love you here at the UFC, we miss you, FU*K CANCEL CULTURE!!”

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He then continued to say ” Tonight is street Judas’ last supper. Tomorrow I’m sending him to the electric chair. I’m going to flip the switch and fry his bum ass and electrify the T-Mobile Arena like it’s never been electrified before. Before I go, I want to say a big thank you to the real heroes and celebrities in this country. Not that woke, spineless coward like LeBron James. I’m talking about our heroes, law enforcement, military, our first responders. God bless you, God bless you all. God bless America.”

Colby Covington adds on to his Lebron James’ call out from 2020

Colby Covington
LeBron James and Colby Covington

Covington has always been a hothead trying to sell as much PPV as possible, calling out multiple athletes but has probably only ever called out one athlete multiple times; LeBron James. Colby said the same thing in 2020 after defeating Tyron Woodley and calling LeBron a ‘Spineless coward’ and a ‘Woke athlete’, adding that he ‘Wouldn’t last 10 Seconds’ with him in a fight.

In fact, Colby had started going against LeBron a little before the Woodley fight when Colby told NBA athletes to ‘become cops’ referring to the massive pay cut they go through and are in the face of danger, comparing that to actually bring change rather than just postponing the games.

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