“Should I fire up the lawyers for a mentally ill f*ing goofball? no,” Dana White says he’s not going to waste time suing Joshua Fabia

Dana White says that he is not going to waste his time filing a lawsuit against Johsua Fabia for trying to defame UFC's reputation, he says the kid is mentally ill.

Dana White Joshua Fabia
Dana White on Joshua Fabia
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After the controversial release of Diego Sanchez from the UFC because of the altercation between his crazy manager and self-proclaimed guru Joshua Fabia, Diego took some time back and cut his ties with Joshua, everybody in the MMA community including Dana White was happy with Diego’s decision, but soon after his release, Fabia fired his shots at everybody.

Joshua threw out several serious allegations towards Diego and the UFC, one of them was against Nevada State Athletic Commission, claiming that they wanted Sanchez to throw his fight against Michael Chiesa at UFC 239.

Dana has always hated that guy and, and rightfully so he destroyed Sanchez’s whole career and was calling Diego out after his release, now the UFC can file a defamation lawsuit against Fabia if they want to but Dana White claims that there is no point in doing so.

Talking to TUF season 1 alum, Mike Swick on the Real Quick podcast, White said, “I don’t think he does (damage the UFC’s reputation). That guy’s such a f*ing goofball that, I mean, I don’t know how anybody. Seriously, if you take anything that guy says serious, you should be f*ing beat with a stick. It’s almost like, if the source was somebody that was even remotely credible, yeah, I probably.”

“I could give a flying f*k what that guy says. That guy is an absolute f*ing goofball. I think the kid is mentally ill. So, should I fire up the lawyers for a mentally ill f*ing goofball? It’s just a complete waste of time. So, no.”

Joshua Fabia claimed Diego Sanchez was taking advantage of him

Joshua Fabia Deigo Sanchez
Joshua Fabia on Diego Sanchez

After getting fired by Sanchez, Fabia wasted no time in defaming Diego, he said that Sanchez was taking advantage of him for over two years, and he is the one who gained nothing from their relationship, he said, “As I get to more information as I’m with the lawyer, and the lawyer talks to Diego and asks Diego about his education, and he starts talking about he was in special education. Holy sh*t. Huge red flags, man.”

He continued, “I’ve been doing everything. And everybody’s coming at me. I’ll put it out there, I’ll put out all the proof, I’ll put out all the videos, man. Diego has clearly been taking advantage of me for two years, as I have been fighting for him, and putting myself on the line for him with zero benefits. I am the one getting death threats here.”

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