Dwayne Johnson-sponsored UFC fighter Themba Gorimbo encourages African children to be inspired by his journey

Themba Gorimbo wants to inspire young Africans to persevere in the face of adversity and conquer all hurdles.

Dwayne Johnson-sponsored UFC fighter Themba Gorimbo encourages African children to be inspired by his journey

Themba Gorimbo wants to inspire Africans kids after his victory at UFC Vegas 92 (via BBC)

The world of competitive sports is never easy to break through and make it big. The story of Themba Gorimbo is a clear indication that resilience and self-drive can make one achieve anything they set their mind on. The welterweight fighter has become an example to many kids in Zimbabwe and across Africa.

There was nothing easy about how Gorimbo became a star in mixed martial arts. At one point, he was homeless, living on the streets of Africa before finding himself under the spotlight fighting at UFC. But for him, it’s not just an individual success story. It’s also meant to be used as a call to African youth so that they can better themselves off his story.

I worked my a** off to be here. I sacrificed to be here in the UFC. So, if an African child can maybe take a page out of my story to try and make it here, I’m the perfect guy to ask. If you listen to me and try to do what I do, you might land in the UFC. I think I need to do that to inspire the African kids.
Themba Gorimbo during the post-fight press conference

Gorimbo faced numerous challenges from a young age. This included the tragic loss of both parents when he was just 13 years old. Gorimbo then found work in the diamond mines. Despite the odds stacked against him, he refused to let his circumstances define his future.

Fast forward to today, and Gorimbo’s perseverance has paid off in spades. He carved out a successful career in the MMA, boasting an impressive 13-4 record. He has also earned the backing of none other than Dwayne Johnson himself.

Gorimbo fought and won against Ramiz Brahimaj on the scorecard. He recently talked about dedicating this win to his coach. This happened after his coach’s mother had passed away just two days before the fight. Gorimbo continues to inspire people not just from Africa but from all over the world.

Themba Gorimbo has a message for online critics

Following his win at UFC Vegas 92, Dwayne Johnson sponsored Themba Gorimbo used a very honest and emotional post-fight interview to confront his critics online. He made them remember that there is more to life than just being tough.

Themba Gorimbo blasts critics
Themba Gorimbo blasts critics (via YouTube)

Before the fight, some people had said that Gorimbo was too dramatic when he got emotional at the pre-fight press conference. But it turns out he was crying for another reason entirely, as he explained inside the cage at UFC Vegas 92.

I just want to address these guys tuning in online and say ‘oh, this guy's been dramatic and all that.' I'm emotional because why? My wrestling coach, he has been here for eight weeks. He told me his mother was sick with cancer, and I thought she was going to be fine. And I robbed him of the last moments of his mother. That's why I feel so guilty.
Themba Gorimbo via the post-fight interview

It was a raw and vulnerable moment that humanized Gorimbo in a way few post-fight interviews can achieve. He challenged the notion that fighters must conform to a stoic, emotionless archetype by laying bare his emotions and personal struggles.

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