“Heavyweight champion”- Paulo Costa potentially suggests a move up divisions in a cryptic tweet

Paulo Costa calls out Sean Strickland and Derek Brunson and both of them comment on Costa and his weight following which Paulo Tweets his plan to move up a weight class.

Paulo Costa
Paulo Costa

After a row with Sean Srickland on Twitter, Paulo Costa has now indicated a different path for his future. Sean started off with trolling Costa on Twitter as Paulo sbutly indicated that Strickland was running away from him and not taking the fight.

Sean wrote that he had asked the UFC multiple times and they said no, and that Paulo Costa had downgraded to being a clown from being a professional fighter. Sean also gave legitimate reasons as to his reason for not taking the Costa fight.

He said that would lower his chances of getting a title fight and said that it would be ‘Punching down’, suggested that there was Bellator if he had no other option, especially since the UFC had a problem with Costa’s walk-in weight the last time he fought in 2020.

Paulo then targetted Brunson for a fight and got a similar answer, for Costa to fight at his own weight class which was the next division. Paulo then on the day of the Aprill Fools tweeted a single lined cryptic message of possibly being the ‘heavyweight champion’.

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“You are a heavyweight” Derek Brunson trashes Paulo Costa as he calls for a fight

Paulo Costa- Derek Brunson
Paulo Costa- Derek Brunson

Costa is on a two-fight skid, and his last one came against Marvin Vettori. He failed to make it to the middleweight limit, and he had the guts to not even try to make that cut. Marvin was man enough to accept the fight at catchweight, and he defeated him with a majority decision. Dana White was pretty mad at Costa, and he stated they wouldn’t allow him to fight in the middleweight division.

After looking for a fight against top contender Sean Strickland, Costa decided to shift his focus towards Brunson. In his call out he wrote, “Now it’s time to Derek Brunson runway or accept. Sean gave up. Brunson?” Despite being in the same rankings, Brunson believes he needs some time off before he could get back into the octagon.

That won’t stop Brunson from trolling Costa for turning out to be overweight in his last fight. “Focus on your own weight class,” wrote Derek trolling Costa. “You’re a heavyweight. I tried to fight you multiple times. [You] disappeared until I got a fight.”

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