“He’s a former military man”- Paulo Costa hails Vladimir Putin and Jair Bolsonaro as “another level” of global leaders

<strong>“He’s a former military man”- Paulo Costa hails Vladimir Putin and Jair Bolsonaro as “another level” of global leaders</strong>

Paulo Costa praises Russian president, Vladmir Putin

Paulo ‘The Eraser’ Costa has decided to share his thoughts on Vladimir Putin just as Russia invades Ukraine and it looks like Costa might like Putin. Most would keep complimentary thoughts about Putin to themselves but Costa isn’t like most and tweeted them out for the world to see. Costa truly knows no fear or he can’t read the room to save his life, it’s a tossup between the two.

Costa is coming off two straight losses to current middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya and #3 at middleweight Marvin Vettori. The Vettori fight in particular caused controversy as Costa was unable to make weight and he was dominated by Adesanya.

One of the most entertaining athletes on the UFC roster, Costa has continued to entertain outside the octagon. His recent tweet supports Putin, praising his past military life and strong leadership. Costa sees leaders such as Biden (U.S. President) and Macron (French President) as weak, apparently Costa likes his leaders when they can start a war or two.

“Vladimir Putin is not a weak leader like Biden or Macron. He’s a former military man who has already been stabbed in the belly and survived. He is another level world leader. Do you know another Leader who has the same characteristics past?”– Paulo Costa via Twitter.

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Paulo Costa
Paulo Costa’s, now deleted, Controversial tweet.

Paulo Costa faces backlash against controversial Tweets

Costa went on to answer his own question, surprising all of us again by writing, “I know another leader, Bolsonaro…”. It seems Mismanagement of a global pandemic coupled with far-right views is yet another way to win Costa’s heart. For those who live under a rock, Jair Bolsonaro is the current President of Brazil.

Sadly, Twitter did not take kindly to this, roasting Costa at every opportunity. Costa’s comments come as many fighters condemn the actions of Putin and call for a stop to the mindless war with Ukraine. He was forced to take back his statements while saying he is completely against war. He however, after deleting his third tweet, has left his first two controversial tweets up.

Paulo Costa
The Internet roast Paulo Costa on controversial tweets.

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