“I need to change my public image”- Sean Strickland hilariously compares how his team cornered him and teammate Francis Ngannou

Sean Strickland reacted to how his coach cornered him differently than his teammate Francis Ngannou

Sean Strickland Erick Nicksick Francis Ngannou
Sean Strickland Erick Nicksick Francis Ngannou

Both Sean Strickland and Francis Ngannou were trained by head coach Eric Nicksick. He is the head coach of the MMA gym named Xtreme Couture and has been training several top-level fighters. During UFC 271, during Ngannou’s bout with Cyril Gane,  the coach was seen interacting with the fighter during the breaks. In the clip, Nicksick was putting efforts to hype the heavyweight Champion during his fourth title defense.

Nicksick was trying to encourage Ngannou by reminding him what he endured in his journey to get to that position. “Look at me. I believe in you mother****, okay. We’ve been through so much sh** together. This is you kid, let’s go,” said Nicksick. 

Sean Strickland on his coach and teammate Francis Ngannou

Sean Strickland Erick Nicksick Francis Ngannou
Sean Strickland Francis Ngannou Erick Nicksick

Strickland recently shared a clip on his official Twitter account. In the clip, there was a comparison between Strickland’s corner and  Francis Ngannou’s corner talking to their fighters in the middle of the rounds. 

In the clip Nicksick was interacting with Strickland at UFC Vegas 47 against Jack Hermansson, he was very calm and humorous and was constantly trying to take the pressure off his fighter. Nicksick was making jokes and trying to say stuff that would help the fighter to maintain his focus.

Do you having some fun yet, u said f***. Holys*** beautiful. Hey, listen keep poking him with the jab hand. Good job on changing the levels with the body shot…hey do you having fun, holyf***,” said Nicksick. 

Both the scenarios had equal significance and the same coach was giving his suggestions but the way it was given was very different. Strickland pointed that out and captioned the tweet by writing “Same coach different fighter lmao…. you guys I’m starting to think I need to change my public image haha!!.” 

It’s quite obvious for coach Nicksick to behave differently as in with Ngannou it was a title bout and anything could have happened. On the other hand, Strickland was doing great and there was nothing much to say.

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