“It was a little cringe worthy”- Kyle Daukaus names his reason for calling out Tony Ferguson

Here is everything you need to know about the reason behind Kyle Daukaus naming him D'Arce Knight and calling out Tony Ferguson.

Tony ferguson vs Kyle Daukaus
Tony Ferguson vs Kyle Daukaus

Kyle Daukaus recently got an impressive victory against Jamie Pickett at UFC Vegas 48 this Saturday. Daukaus submitted his opponent in the first round by a spectacular D’Arce choke. 

After registering his second win in the UFC, the fighter in the post-fight interview called out Tony Ferguson for a fight. The call-out was a challenge to claim the new nickname of the D’Arce Knight as he has more D’Arce chokes than Ferguson himself. “I want to call out Tony Ferguson. I have more D’Arce chokes. So I’m going to go for the ‘D’Arce Knight’. My new nickname, ‘D’Arce Knight’.” Said Daukaus. 

From a Dark Knight fan to having the nickname ‘D’Arce Knight’ 

Jamie Pickett vs Kyle Daukaus
Jamie Pickett vs Kyle Daukaus

After his win against Jamie Pickett at UFC Fight Night: Walker vs Hill, Kyle Daukaus appeared at the post-fight press conference. In the conference, the fighter discussed his fight, future plans, and several other things. 

While answering some questions from the reporters, Daukaus was asked the story behind his new nickname, ‘D’Arce Knight’, and how he came up with it. While responding to it, the 28-year-old revealed him being a massive fan of the fictional character ‘ Batman ‘. Daukaus explained that he has been a fan since childhood and has followed various movies of Batman. The fighter also revealed that he is hoping Tony Ferguson to accept his call out.

I’m a big fan of batman. I’m a huge batman fan. I’ve watched all the movies since I was a kid. My family, my friends, the people at the gym all know I like batman. They call me the D’Arce Knight. My buddy told me I should push for it. So I told myself the first D’Arce choke I get I will call it out. It was a little cringe-worthy of a call out, hope it works,” said Daukaus

Daukaus has submitted six opponents via the D’Arce choke in his professional career but his win against Pickett was his first in the promotion. Now, after his unique callout, fight fans are waiting for Ferguson’s response. But, will Tony accept his call out or not only time will tell.

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