Jake Paul calls for a fight against Conor McGregor, sets up another bet with Dana White if he loses

Could there be an end to the Jake Paul and Dana White feud? Read on to find out

Dana White Jake Paul
Dana White and Jake Paul

Jake Paul has had a target on Dana White regarding the UFC’s pay structure which includes several personal attacks on the UFC President himself.

He has now offered a compromise to get him to stop targeting the UFC pay structure and that involves a fight with Conor “The Notorious” McGregor.  Jake has been wanting to resolve this issue ever since he invested in the UFC’s parent company, Endeavour and now has taken this very same fight to the octagon.

Jake Paul- Conor McGregor
Jake Joseph Paul – Conor McGregor

In a proposal that seems to cry out publicity stunt, Jake recently tweeted an offer to Dana , which if he accepts would result in Jake Paul going against one of the biggest fighters on the UFC promotion and could even possibly end the fighter pay feud that is happening between the two.

Jake has even put money where his mouth is, with his tweet already stipulating what are the two possible outcomes that could happen if the Jake vs Conor became a reality.

Jake tweeted, “If I win, you agree to my UFC fighter pay and healthcare proposal, If I lose, I donate my entire purse to all UFC fighters who make less than $50K a fight and never mention UFC again.”

Dana is still yet to reply to Jake’s tweet but with an interesting bout and such noble goals, I highly doubt he won’t give what the masses want.

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Jake Paul disses Dana White amidst online feud

Dana White Jake Paul
Jake “The Problem Child” Paul & UFC President Dana

The dispute between these two can be traced back to months with both spewing insults at each other non- stop. Dana has called out the Youtuber for exploiting the fame and name of UFC top fighters.

It might not be surprise if Dana would call Jake’s current proposal to him, a huge publicity stunt because it is pretty evident that Jake has lost his appeal as a fighter.  Dana has even thrown shade against Jake regarding him fake fighting and using performance enhancing drugs.

“The Problem Child” being a YouTube sensation, trash talks Dana in the most common way done on the said platform, through a Diss track. The video titled ‘JAKE PAUL – DANA WHITE DISS TRACK’ is a parody of the UFC and its top offical , with Paul criticizing UFC fighter pay, long term health facilities etc.

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