Watch: Jake Paul bags a highlight-reel knockout against Tyron Woodley

Jake Paul responded well to his haters and dissidents after he took down Tyron Woodley in the 6th round of their boxing bout. Read the detailed breakdown of the fight here.

Jake Paul vs Tyrone Woodley
Jake Paul celebrates wildly after defeating Tyron Woodley

Jake Paul might just go down as the greatest boxer in the history books. The Cleveland-born YouTuber-turned-professional boxer has now defeated Tyron Woodley twice in the span of one year. He was called ‘The Problem Child’ by the boxing world for his calling-out tactics.

In the recent boxing event, where Tyron Woodley replaced Tommy Fury after the latter called off the fight with Jake Paul, Paul was appreciated for taking up the rematch with Tyron Woodley. Paul came in with an undefeated run in the boxing world. Woodley on the other hand, came in with a losing streak, looking for vengeance.


Jake Paul brings on the heat on Tyron Woodley after an uninspiring display since the start

Jake Paul vs Tyrone Woodley
Jake Paul knocks out Tyron Woodley

Round 1: Woodley jabs to the body behind his high guard. He gets very aggressive early on. Paul responds with a jab to the body. Paul is hell-bent on forcing the clinch whenever Woodley gets in range. Another jab to the torso and a clinch from Paul. Amazing jabs to the torso from Paul. This was very much a boxing bout as the real battle was yet to break out. 10-9 Paul. 

Round 2: A good right hand comes in from Paul. He pawed cleanly with the jab to set it up. Paul is also much into the game when they clinch. Paul jabs to the torso. The clean combo ends with a hook to the torso. Woodley responds with a left hook on the exit. Paul squanders a chance for a big left hook. They clinch till the bell ring. Slight edge for Paul but he didn’t impress much, 10-9 (Overall: 20-18).

Round 3: Woodley squanders a triple hook attempt early in the round. A clean right cross comes in from Paul and a right to the torso. An accidental elbow swipe from Woodley connects and cuts on Jake’s forehead. Continuous clinches from both sides mar the action. Paul’s forehead continues to bleed from the start of the round. One more round comes to an uninspiring end. Paul leads with 10-9 (Overall: 30-27).

Round 4: Right hook to the torso from Paul. Woodley holds on to Paul for the clinch but keeps up with the hammer shots until they are separated forcefully. Another sloppy clinch ended with Woodley pounding Paul down on the canvas. The referee warns Woodley. Another right hook from Woodley gets blocked and the grapple comes on again. The crowd booed the fighters after seeing such an uninspiring display.

Round 5: Jabs to the torso come from Woodley. They both approach and trade hooks. Too much ’embracing’ ensues again. Paul lets loose a blitz to the torso after facing a short right hook from Woodley. Both fighters landed a combined total of seven punches but Paul did much better to push the action, 10-9. 

Round 6: They exchange body jabs but not one of them appears too committed. A short right hook from Woodley connects on the grapple. And as simple as that, Tyron Woodley is knocked out cold after receiving a right hook the face.

Result: Jake Paul wins over Tyron Woodley via KO in the 6th round.

Watch the reactions to Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley 2 in this video-

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