“He’s gonna be in the best shape ever,” Jan Blachowicz is aware of how dangerous Glover Teixeira will be in his last title fight

Jan Blachowicz knows how dangerous Glover Teixeira will be in probably his last fight for the light heavyweight title.

Jan Blachowicz vs Glover Teixeira

UFC light heavyweight title bout between the champion Jan Blachowicz and Glover Teixeira is going to be for all the marbles, and it could very well be Glover’s last fight so he will give his 100% and the champ is ready for that.


Glover Teixeira is 41 years old and has put up an incredible winning streak at this stage of his career, he admitted that it isn’t easy to defeat young guys and he wants his title shot, and now he’s getting it.

Glover Teixeira

Jan Blachowicz captured the belt by defeating Dominick Reyes, and he defended his belt against the middleweight champion Israel Adesanya and handed him his first UFC loss. In a recent interview with the UFC, Jan talked about how dangerous Glover is going to be in his last shot for the title, he said, “He’s got a lot of experience,” Similar way to me to get to the title shot. A couple of losses then the win streak.”


“Finally, he got his chance, So, I have to be careful because also that could be his last fight. For the title or maybe last fight in his career, so he’s gonna be in the best shape ever,” said Blachowicz

“So, I have to be ready for the best Glover ever in his life, and I will be ready. Good boxing, really good takedowns, jiu-jitsu high level. So, tough opponent, he’s got a lot of experience, so I just have to be careful. But I think I find a way like always to beat him and knock him out and finish the fight before time.”

Jan Blachowicz believes he can knock Glover Teixeira out

Glover Teixeira and Jan Blachowicz

Jan Blachowicz has proved his legendary Polish power from time to time, and he is ready to do that again, he held his ground against one of the best strikers in the entire MMA (Israel Adesanya) and defeated him, and he also showcased his hidden grappling talents.

Glover is an artist on the ground, so Jan will try to keep this fight standing and he will go for an early knockout, “I think I finish him in standup, knockout by hands or kicks,” Blachowicz said. “I’m gonna be looking for the knockout, but also it’s gonna be nice to try my jiu-jitsu skills against him. But for safety, I’ll keep the fight standing. …

“No bad blood, but inside the octagon there will be a lot of blood.”

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